How to Design a Restaurant Menu Cover

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Restaurants comprise much of the business sector of the United States. According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurant sales total $566 billion in 945,000 locations with 13 million employees. Those numbers are increasing every day as well. One of the most essential components of a restaurant is the menu, which tells consumers what dishes are offered. Just as with the prepared food, presentation is important for the menu as well. Designing your restaurant’s menu in an aesthetically pleasing manner could attract more customers and give your business a more professional flair.

Things You’ll Need


Graphic editor


Card stock


Step 1

Design the logo for your restaurant if you do not have one already. You can design your own logo with a simple graphic editing program, such as Microsoft Paint. Print out your logo if you plan to have your menu professionally tailored, or save it to your hard drive if you plan to make the menu cover yourself.

Step 2

Determine what material from which you would like your menu to be made. If making your menu yourself, use card stock, but if having it professionally made, consider ordering leather or naugahyde. Consider heat sealed vinyl and clear stitches as well.

Step 3

Copy and paste your logo into the desired location within a blank graphic editing document if making your own menu cover. Select a style of lettering and type any text, such as “Lunch menu” onto the menu cover. Specify any text and font style to the menu maker if having the menu professionally made.

Step 4

Print your finished copy and proofread it for errors if you created it yourself through a graphic editing program.

Step 5

Determine how many copies you need. Designate a few extra menus for in case some become lost, stolen or damaged. Copy them yourself using a copier if making your own, or order the appropriate number from a professional.


Laminate your menus if you make them yourself to help protect them from wear and tear.


Always double-check for errors, especially before ordering multiple copies through a professional.


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