How to Delete ISP History

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An ISP is your Internet Service Provider, and it is the host that provides you with the capability to view the websites and emails that you view. Numerous different ISPs exist, but the process to delete the Internet history from an ISP is the same for each one and can be done with the basics with which your Internet browser is already equipped. With your Internet browser and your ISP home page, you can delete the Internet history from an ISP with relative ease. All you need is a username and password with which to sign into your ISP account.

Things You’ll Need

Internet browser

ISP account

Step 1

Ensure that all your Internet browser’s toolbars are turned on and viewable. Click on “View” located in the menu bar at the top of your Internet browser, and then click on “Toolbar” to load the toolbar settings; ensure that each toolbar has a checkmark next to it, indicating that it is visible.

Step 2

Navigate to your ISP’s home page, and log in to your account. Return to the ISP home page once you’ve logged in.

Step 3

Locate the toolbar located at the top of the ISP screen, and click on “History.”

Step 4

Click on “Show All History” from the drop down menu that appears, which should cause a screen filled with calendar page icons to appear. The icons will be labeled “Today,” “Yesterday,” “Last Week,” “Previous Month” and “Year.”

Step 5

Click on a calendar page icon, scroll down to “Delete” in the menu that appears and click “Delete.” Repeat for each calendar page icon left to completely delete the Internet history from your ISP.


Consider setting your browser preferences to automatically delete your history so you don’t have to do so manually every time you want to delete it.


Beware of losing stored passwords and data, for all of this information is lost when you delete your history.


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