How To Live Aboard A Boat. Tips For Liveaboards

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How To Live Aboard A Boat.

Living aboard a boat poses a unique set of challenges. First of course if finding a suitable kind of boat. Your choices are powerboats, sailboats and houseboats.

Houseboats are ideally suited for occasional use and prolonged stays at a live aboard marina. They are stable and are less prone to motion than a monohull boat.

However, houseboats are more expensive to keep at a marina since the charge for slip space is usually based on both length and width. Because houseboats are large you will have more surface area under the water to keep clean.

For saltwater environments a monohull sailboat or powerboat may be your best choice. For full time live aboards one of at least 32 feet in length is recommended.

Make sure that the marina allows living aboard your boat. In many cases live aboards are charged a higher rate for electricity and water. You will need shore parking for your car so make sure the marina has ample parking for live aboards that is also safe from thieves.

Once you have chosen a boat and a marina you will need to get rid of much of the things that you were used to having on land, that is if you plan on making living aboard a boat a full time endeavor. If you are not ready to give up things like your large barbeuce pit consider renting a storage unit near where you live aboard.

Use vacuum storage bags to save space and keep clothes mildew free. You will need to keep food in tupperware containers to prevent mold from the high moisture environment. Your boat should have a good refrigerator of ample size for keeping enough food on hand for daily meals. If it only has a small marine refrigerator you may want to buy a small “dorm room” sized fridge if you have room for it.

Be a good neighbor when living aboard a boat. Sound carries from boat to boat much more than it does on land. Make it a habit to turn down the TV after a certain hour out of respect for your neighbors.

Living aboard a boat is not easy but it does have many rewards. You will meet many nice folks and you will have the freedom to untie the lines and move whenever you feel like it. You may even be able to deduct the interest and taxes on your boat if it is your primary home.

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