How to Create a Free Online Slideshow

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Slideshows are extremely popular, as they allow users to display their favorite photos in customized animation. Traditionally, creating slideshows required the purchase of software. Yet, thanks to modern technology, numerous online slideshow generators exist for public use completely free of charge. Most online slideshow generators offer a variety of customization options as well to ensure that users can create their own individually unique slideshows. Creating your own free online slideshow is relatively simple and easy to do.

Things You’ll Need

Free online slideshow generator

Email account

Step 1

Navigate a Web site that offers a free online slideshow generator, such as “RockYou” (See References).

Step 2

Click on “Create Now” to load the free slideshow generator.

Step 3

Select a type of upload from the vertical navigation pane listed under the “Add Photos” tab, such as “My Files” (which will allow you to upload photos from your computer) or “Photobucket” (which will allow you to upload photos from your Photobucket account).

Step 4

 Click on “Upload” to select and upload the photos of your choice, and arrange your photos in the order of your choice by dragging and dropping them to their desired locations.

Step 5

Select a customization option from the vertical navigation pane listed under the “Customize” tab, such as “Transitions” or “Themes” and select from the offered options within each one to customize each option.

Step 6

Click “Save” when you are done, and input your email address when prompted to sign up for a free account, where you can get the html-embed codes with which to display your newly created slideshow on social networking Web sites of through email.


Create captions for your images by scrolling down to the bottom of the creator screen and clicking on an image under the “Captions” tab in order to edit the caption.


Beware of navigating away from the page before saving your slideshow; otherwise you will lose all of your work.


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