How to Compare Burglar Alarm Systems

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Burglar alarm systems are becoming increasingly important to home owners as the occurrence of home invasions continues to rise. Burglar alarm systems provide homeowners with a bit of security in that they help notify them of possible intruders that could pose danger to them or their families. Numerous burglar alarm systems exist on the market, necessitating the need for comparison when considering purchasing one to ensure that you select the one that best suits your home’s needs.

Step 1

Examine your budget so that you can determine which burglar alarm systems you can afford so that you can immediately eliminate systems that are too expensive for you. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes cheaper systems do not offer as many features as more expensive ones, though.

Step 2

Determine the price of installation for each system. Some companies might include installation with the purchase of the burglar alarm system, whereas others might charge a flat fee for installation and still others might base the installation fee based upon the layout of your home and where components will need to be installed.

Step 3

Compare the audible specifications of each alarm system. Some systems sound extremely loudly, notifying you and your surrounding neighbors of a possible break-in, whereas others are silent but instantly alarm the police of movement.


Ensure that you integrate all entry points of your home, such as doors, windows and basement exits, into your burglar alarm system to achieve the greatest protection.


Beware of investing in an expensive alarm system that contains extra features you will not actually utilize; examine your needs beforehand to select the system most suited to your home’s needs.


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