How to Change Out Garnets

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Garnets are types of gemstones that are usually red, brown, orange or yellow in color, although they can also be other colors as well. They are popular stones used in jewelry making and are considered one of the many precious stones, making them quite valuable. Several occasions might arise in which you would want to change out your garnet from your jewelry. Perhaps the garnet needs to be cleaned or you have obtained a better one and wish to place that one within your jewelry instead. Whatever the case, you can change your garnets with the correct tools.

Things You’ll Need

Needle nose pliers


Step 1

Use the needle nose pliers to pry away each prong holding the garnet within the stone setting. Grip the prong within the tongs of the pliers and gently pull back to bend the prong upwards and away from the garnet.

Step 2

Use the tweezers to carefully pick up the garnet and remove it from the stone setting after each prong has been bent upwards.

Step 3

Lay the garnet aside and pick up the new garnet with the tweezers.

Step 4

Place the new garnet into the setting using the tweezers.

Step 5

Tighten each prong onto the garnet to hold it in place by positioning the bottom tong directly below the prong to be tightened, and then use the top tong to gently press the prong onto the garnet. Continue this process until each prong is tightened.


Simply pry away the prongs and repeat Step 5 again if the new garnet appears crooked or misplaced within the gemstone setting.


Beware of over-tightening the prongs on the garnet, for the garnet may crack, burst or scratch under too much pressure.


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