Farmville Strategy: Free Farmville Cash

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Farmville Facebook is the most popular online game in the world with over 70 million players and growing everyday. Farmville is a farm simulation game where your objective is to level up, make lots of money, and create the best farm. As you advance in the game you will unlock new crops, new equipment, and new decorations. Did you know your crops grow even while you’re not playing? It’s important to plant the right crops so they’re not dead when you get back. Here are some of my favorite Farmville strategies:

If you want to really speed up the harvest, plowing, and planting process you should consider this Farmville cheat. Remove everything from the middle of your farm and put your farmer in the exact center of the screen. Now purchase 4 hay bales and put one on each side of your farmer. Try moving your farmer and if he/she can’t get out, it worked. Now when you plow, plant, or harvest crops you won’t need to walk to each plot individually. This allows you to maintain your farm even faster than using vehicles and gas, not to mention it’s a whole lot cheaper.

Leave a large section of your farm empty, don’t even plow it because you won’t be growing anything here. At the Farmville market there is a hay bale that costs 100 coins. You’ll want to buy as many as you can afford and plop them down in the empty section of your farm. Every hay bale you put on your farm you will give you 5 experience points. 5 XP might not sound like a lot, but doing this on a mass scale can really add up. If you were to spend 100,000 coins you would get 1000 hay bales. That’s 5000 XP right there. Compared to the 100,000 coin house that only gives you 1000 XP, this is a much better deal. After you’re done buying the hay bales, there’s no reason to keep them on your farm taking up valuable space. Sell them for 5 coins each and make room for next time. Go to to learn more Farmville cheats and Farmville strategies to put your farm over the top!


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