Increase Web Traffic – 8 Tips on How to Send a flood of Visitors to Your Website – Article Marketing

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Increase Web Traffic – 8 Tips on How to Send a flood of Visitors to Your Website – Article Marketing

Article marketing is among the best traffic techniques on the Internet and preferred by thousand of online writers worldwide. Articles provide an advantage in that they continue bringing in traffic for months after they’ve been written and it’s never fails to obtain great results needed in developing e-business. Article marketing is also cost-effective and offers significant value to the writer’s web site.The main purpose of article marketing is to generate direct traffic and back links to your website. By following these steps, it is possible to generate an unlimited amount of your targeted traffic.

Techniques for Targeted Traffic Generation

Write high quality article : Try to write a high quality and well-written article that are rich in content, in order to provide the readers quality information that your readers can easily apply. This will also gain your reputation, writing skills, develop your credibility and it will increase the like hood that your readers could surf back to your web site. Make your marketing campaign more successful.Submit your articles to various online article directories and websites.

Provide up-to-date and accurate information : To provide up-to-date and accurate information that well-researched, accurate information and in touch with the latest data information on trends, especially on an area that is fast moving like Internet Technology. Your presentation in your writing skills is also important, that you need to pay more attention, in order to helping your readers to understand the information that you are providing.

Make the best use of your Author Resources box : Try to make the best use of your Author Resources box. Majority of the article submission sites allow anchor text and also allowing two to threeURLs in the resources area. Its will optimize your content; identify the best keyword, within your chosen niche by using keyword suggestion tool. Write your article concise and short using about five hundred words or less as people on-line generally preferred reading short articles.

Make use of the search engine optimization, which is very important to help your readers to find your article in the first place.

To increase your highly informative article and improve the writing skill : Remember that, when you increase your highly informative and well – written articles, your writing skills and readership will also increase as well. In order to make your articles looks good to your readers, you need to take time to preview your articles upon submission. When you provide an attractive and highly informative article, you will find yourself with more readers who want to share your information with others and chances of your copies being read and widely republished. Your article should also useful to the lives of your target market that offers great reading experience.

Grab reader’s attention on the first paragraph : Writing the first paragraph in your article is your only chance to grab your reader’s attention. Write attention grabbing on first article. When writing these articles, there are two tools that you have to be used. These tools are the keyword summary and the keyword tool, on which have been known to improve readership. Remember that, readers are always search for relevant information only. They seek answers to their problems. Make sure that your articles have this information.

Use search engine friend URLs : This will makes your article easier to detect by search engines. Use the best keywords or key phrases for meta-tags. Provide readers with good and relevant information: Always provide your readers with good, relevant information. Doing so will ensure that they will comeback to read your next article and keep it short. One article should normally contain with four hundred to six hundred word.

Use your resources where readers can find the remedy solution : Try to write an article contains with useful resources, on which you can mention about where your readers can get the remedy solution thus addressing their needs. The written articles are well supported that support can be in the form of testimonials from proves research or experts. It is better idea that if you have supporting facts or reasons for your opinion that you have written.

Make easy copy of article : In order to develop a link to down load the article in the HTML format and text file format. This technique will provide easy publishing by other web masters to the reader’s website. The use of bookmarking service to your bookmark on the article pages of many sites. These will increase your traffic and also affected the increasing of back links to your website.The using of back links could also be a helpful tool in article marketing.


Generating traffic to your web site is one of the most important things that you need to learn how to do. Learn how you can receive a good amount of traffic on a continual basis. It is much better off to submit many articles to the top five directories per week than it is submitting one article to hundreds of directories per week. Your target is to submit a quality article and generate direct traffic or back links to your website. If you take a look at this factor, you probably get the impression that the best ways to generate traffic in two days or less, at no cost, are forum marketing and article marketing. The most important factor in article marketing is being more targeted traffic to your website.


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