Weight Loss Tips

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However, a number of diet regimes fail because they focus only on limiting calorie, fat, and carbohydrates intake.

For an effective and successful diet program, one can consider the following:

  1. Eat food high in antioxidants.  Food that belongs to this group includes beans, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and berries.  The body experiences high level of oxidative stress when it is detoxifying.  This triggers symptoms of extreme hunger.  One can reduce this possibility by consuming food high in disease-fighting antioxidants as mentioned.
  2. Determine the time that you exactly feel hunger pangs. It is very common to hear from people who undergo strict dieting to complain that they easily get hungry.  What they are truly experiencing is the discomfort of detoxification which includes symptoms like hunger pangs and irritability.  They eat to feel good but not to give what the body needs,  A person needs to eat if he is truly hungry where the body is craving for the proper nutrition.  True hunger can be felt if one experiences sensation in the throat and itchiness within.  These can go away with consumption of food and salivating.
  3. Eat more.  The amount of food consumed is critical of the control one has on the felt hunger.  Experts suggest to eat more low-calorie foods like more fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, etc.
  4. Choose nuts and seeds. Though these foods are rich in fat, people who consume nuts and seeds regularly can have a more healthy reduced body.than those who does not consume these foods.  Nuts and seeds are rich in plant sterols that sends signal that one is already full, and they diminish food appetite as time passes by.  Also, the food group when nuts belong reduces cholesterol and the chance of getting diabetes.

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