Toy weapons good or bad?

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I believe that it all depends on the child and the parents view on weapons. If you plan to teach your children to hunt later on, then let them play with toy guns and archery sets, but make them treat it as if it were real so that they will know the kind of respect that weapons like that deserve. No pointing it at each other or any other person, make sure that it is only pointed at wild animals. If you have a child who has some trouble expressing their anger, toy weapons and violent video games can do one of two things. With some children, it is a therapeutic outlet for them, while with others it only intensifies their feelings and they still have no way of expressing the emotions. As with anything, this is definitely about the way that it fits the parents and the children. A parent has to find what fits them and their children best and no amount of what I say or what anyone else says will change that. Every parent needs some help here and there with different things, but all anyone can ever give them is ideas and from there they have to work out what is best for them and their children.
My children are allowed to play with toy weapons. I have 4 boys and I grew up in a time that is a little different from today. When I was growing up, everyone had toy weapons boys and girls both, there wasn’t a house with children that didn’t have a plastic gun or knife. There are so many experts that want to tell people how to raise their children, but the problem here is that most of these people have spent so much time going to school to learn about children that they haven’t had any of their own due to the lack of time. I fully believe that there is no way to be an expert on children if you haven’t had any of your own because you are unaware of the full extent of the impact of the relationship on the parent. Children are the most life changing event that will ever happen to anyone and to claim to have expertise, you have to also know the bond and feelings that come with that relationship. I have had several psychiatrists agree with me that most things in children’s psychiatry is not definite, they are mostly variables that are dependant on the child or children and the parent/parents. My suggestion when considering topics like this in your own family is to talk it out with your significant other and take into consideration the personality of the child or children involved. If it is deemed that even one of the children doesn’t have the personality characteristics to handle toy weapons then there should be no toy weapons for any of the children because while every child deserves special attention and needs differing sets of rules to help them become responsible citizens in adulthood, there is a point where it becomes a double standard and is unfair to the child or children involved.


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