The Motorola Hint QA30

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The Motorola QA30 Hint is a messaging phone from Motorola Co. that offers a unique texting interface, but can be problematic at times. I have owned this particular phone for quite some time, and I can say that it is a sleek, cool phone designed for girls with small hands who text a lot. If you don’t fall within this demographic, this phone may not be for you. Chances are you use a smaller cell phone company if you are reading this review. The Hint is a CDMA phone, meaning it works with Cricket, Metro PCS, Pocket, US Cellular, and other localized companies offering competitive plans.

The first thing you will notice about the Hint is its size. It is a small phone that looks like a square brownie. Cute, again, if you are a teenage girl. The mouth piece is literally 3 inches away from the ear piece, so it may seem odd to talk into but you will get the hang of it. It extends vertically to expose its tiny keyboard. Men (or women) with big fingers will find this keyboard quite annoying, but seeing as how I can fit my hands on it I’m sure most men would be able to adapt to its small interface. The center button on most phones is usually modest in size, this one, however, it very thin and annoying to press on. Other buttons are very aesthetically appealing, but impractical when you want to send texts on the go.

Its graphic display is gorgeous and the icons appear very much like a PDA, so don’t be surprised if people ask if it is a touch screen. The main menu contains a variety of icons, though not very customizable. You can do everything except play games on this baby. Messages are brought up in conversations, so you can easily view the entire exchange between you and your friends. There are a modest 65,000 hues on the display and a 320×240 pixel display. The camera takes 2.0 mega pixels, but beyond that the quality is fair. The QA30’s camera offers no flash, and quality with the picture’s display is quite noisy. However, if you plug in the 8GB chip (sold seperately) you have plenty of room to record great videos on this thing. It is a very fun phone, but nothing too professional.

Now, on to the fun part. There is a music player on the QA30 as well. This music player can play any song you upload onto your memory card. With my 8GB memory card, I can play all of my songs previously on my iPod now on my phone. That is very convienient. The display of the music player, be warned, is disorganized compared with an iPod. It also is very bland to look at aside from the music bars jumping up and down while you play your favorite tunes. Those downfalls aside, the music player is a very useful gadget you may want to consider buying the Hint for.

If you are looking for a tiny, text-oriented phone for Cricket and other CDMA service providers, check out the Hint QA30. Remember that it is a very small interface and can frustrate those with larger thumbs. I suggest you give it some time before you accurately judge this little thing. It does occassionaly freeze, but recovers quick enough. Overall, it is a good phone that has tiny quirks that keep it from being a premiere messaging cell phone.


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