The BMW 330i

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The BMW 330i is the dream used car for sports car enthusiasts on a budget. It is my current vehicle and I have been driving it for the past half a year. This car sports a 225 hp, 3.0 Liter, inline-6 engine that makes this baby take off! Out of the current BMW 3 series line up, it has more power than all except the 335i and M3 models. The 328i and 325i editions will fall its feet in performance. Stylish looks give it a classy and bold appearance while retaining its German intellect. This is a great car for those who are seeking a sedan that performs.

The 330i achieves a speed of 60 mph in 6 seconds flat. Flip it into automatic and you will experience the luxury side of this one-of-a-kind automobile. The smooth transmission can only be described as superior German engineering. The ride is rough, as many would expect from a sports sedan. You can feel most bumps in the road, although it is not enough to stop the car from being anything short of extraordinary. The cabin is much larger and beautiful than its predecessor (the E46 lineup). A technological interface will tell you the temperature outside, your average speed, MPGs, how long until you need gas, and so much more.

When you purchase a 3 series BMW one thing you need to understand is that you are purchasing the benchmark in the sports sedan category. The Mercedes C-Class, the Lexus IS, Acura TL, Audi A4, and the Infiniti G37 all look to compare their sedans to the great 3 series. Not to tote 40% of BMW’s auto sales, but it is very clear among automobile afficianados it is hard to top BMW’s entry model.

Sedan versions out sell the coupe 3 series by far, and after experiencing the 330i, its evident the aesthetic appeal it offers reflects the performance as well. This sedan is for the common man who can’t afford the M3, but want’s power and sport appeal. Beware of the run-flat tires, however! These things are thick walled tires that come equipped with the sports package but are inconvinient for several reasons. When I got a flat on the 330i I never knew, this was because the run-flat tires will literally run tens to a hundred miles after being ripped. I suppose it is nice to be able to ride a long way, but after looking at the cost to replace one (around $500) you will die to have the old regular tires back (which I did and recommend).


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