The Poor College Kid's Guide To Work-At-Home Jobs

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College can be a stressful financial time for students everywhere. Personally, I can attest that I just don\’t have the money, sometimes, to enjoy the college experience we all should be living up! So, as a broke college student, I eventually found some very flexible work that I could accomplish from my laptop. I would like to share with you all some of the realistic (because, trust me, not all of those out there are) work-at-home job opportunities I have found. These jobs are generally geared toward college students as well, so expect a nice community to help you out along the way!

To qualify for my list, the jobs must have the following criteria:

-Flexible work hours

-Moderate pay ($5+/hour)

-Actually pay their workers (I have been paid by all of these websites)

-Employ “Independant Contractors” (Which means you do your own taxes)

So, without further ado I present The Poor College Kid’s Guide to Work-at-Home Jobs:

1. Associated Content [5$/hour to 10$/hour] [***** 5 Stars]

Freelance writing is a booming internet industry, and it caters for the many people searching for a practical work-at-home (WAH) job. Associated Content is an interesting website that pays by far the best out of all of its competition. Your job will be an “Associated Content Contributor”. You can be payed via two options. Option #1 is Upfront Payments, which give you an immediate payment for your work (usually around $3 to $20). Writers who are very good could possibly crank out an excellent article in an hour or two, and make great pay! Upfront Payments usually come with an added Performance Payment which we will discuss in a second. Option #2 is Performance Payments, for those who’s criteria can’t meet an Upfront Payment. Performance Payments generate around $1.50 per 1,000 page views, which is a good deal for those who have the time. Either way, Associated Content is used by many as a secondary job and receives rave reviews among the WAH community.

2. ChaCha [2$/hour to 7$/hour] [**** 4 Stars]

Anyone with a mobile phone, who doesn’t live under a rock, is well aware of ChaCha. ChaCha is a mobile phone service that gives you answers for free! So, if you text their number (242-242) you will get any answer you want for free. Your job will be a “ChaCha Guide”. As a Guide you will answer all of these questions from your computer. There are four Guide positions: Expediters (my job) will filter the questions and Generalists/Specialists will answer any hard questions the Expediters can’t. There are also Transcribers that take questions from ChaCha’s mobile number and answer them via text. The bad part to this job (are you ready for it?) is that you are paid in points. Points add up, however, and at the end of the month your points will take a part of the GuideShare pool (which starts at $50,000). This job is very flexible, as you can log on whenever and accumulate points. I make about 7$/hour when I work, because I can expedite a question in 10 seconds. However, it used to take me a minute to expedite one question, and I started at about 2$/hour. It’s up to you how fast you want to work. Give ChaCha a try!

3. kgb_ [1.5$/hour to 7$/hour] [*** 3 Stars]

Like ChaCha, kgb_ (542-542) is a company that caters to texting answers to users via mobile phone. Unlike ChaCha, however, kgb_ charges $0.99 to answer your queries. This can be quite costly, so you can imagine how slow thier traffic is. Compared to ChaCha, the traffic on kgb_ is ridiculously slow. Your job will be a “kgb_ Special Agent”. The training is more extensive than ChaCha’s, making for a much more formal environment. Every text is monitored closely, and the prospect of making 7$/hour is very slim. Even if you complete one question, you might not have another waiting for you for 5 minutes. However, kgb_ does pay in real, guaranteed money (unlike ChaCha). They pay $.10 every answer you send out, although it can be hard to send out answers fast enough to make it worthwhile. If you endure the training, and become very specialized at answering questions, you could make a decent sum of money. Sign up for them, as well as ChaCha, so you have a backup in case either one does not fit you well.

4. SliceThePie [£0/hour to £5/hour] [*** 3 Stars]

This has got to be someone\’s dream job. You are paid to review music. SliceThePie is a Web site that filters good music via their users (you). Your job will be a “Scout.” Scouts sift through bad music and good music, and rate which ones they think have potential on the market. For every music track you rate (you only have to listen to 60 seconds of each) you will be paid anywhere from £0 to £0.10. This can make for £5 an hour, a rate that is quite tollerable considering the GBP’s value nowadays. You will not be paid for the first 25-50 reviews or so, which is not that bad. After all, no training is required, so consider this your “training”. The community is very welcoming and has a large fan base of both Artists and Scouts to help you out. If you crank out a good 50 reviews/60 minutes you can expect pay of £2.5/hour to £5/hour.

Well, that wraps up the first edition of The Poor College Kid’s Guide to Work-at-Home Jobs. I hope this has been informative, and keep your eyes out for my next edition, when I find some more content to post for you guys.


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