Get fit by being a crazy boxing fan.

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As a kid I remember watching martial arts or karate movies as they were known, and then running on the grass practicing flying kicks and punches with other kids till I was exhausted. While that definitely was great fun and an excellent way to stay in shape, you’d have to be ‘loco’ to do that as an adult, that’s why i’m recommending this less crazy workout version.

Shadowboxing:Try this the next time you’re watching a fight on TV, pick one guy usually the guy that’s dominating and mimic all his moves, attack when he’s attacking and defend when he’s defending. Take a rest between rounds and try to box as many rounds as you can OR try a few pushups and sit-ups between rounds to maximize the workout.

 Go for the knockout:If you want to step up the pace even further go for the knockout, when your guys handing out a beating and he seems close to knocking the other guy out crank up the intensity and power to all your punches.

Survival:Don’t give up, if you were in the ring you’ll have to keep punching to survive, if you feel like giving up turn the intensity down again, take a deep breath between punches and keep your hands up. Try to make it to the end of the round.

Victory:When the match has ended and the winners being announced, take a walk to cool down, breathe deeply and stretch.

Congratulations, you’re still the undisputed champion of the world! Who’s next in line?


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