Daybreakers is More Like Genre-breakers

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Daybreakers is a newly released vampire film that has caught itself in among some unfortunate bedfellows in its genre. With recent movies featuring vampires such as TransylmaniaNew Moon, and The Vampire’s Assistant I am surprised this film was concieved long before the Twilight Saga was an twinkle in Catherine Hardwicke’s eye. Peter and Michael Spierg wrote this bad boy back in 2002, right before the release of their Australian horror movie Undead.

Point being, this film will take you to the darkside of a trivialized character in our culture (much like The Dark Knight did with Batman)… the vampire! The film comments, albeit very subtly, on the consumption of resources faster than people are able to renew them. Vampires have overcame humans at this point in time; that time is also the year 2019. The film does not delve into the origins of these vampires, but focuses on the dark, gothic, and depressing connotations of Vampirism. Ethan Hawke leads the cast with excellent performances all around to include Willem Dafoe’s portrayal of a gruff former vampire, as well as Sam Neill’s convincing face of an evil corporation that only cares to keep Vampirism alive and well.

Blood and violence is no stranger to this movie; however, it comes at times, to overwhelm the possible art and intellect this story could have juiced out. Terror, as well as plenty of uncomfortable violent scenes make this movie very memorable. The special effects are top notch, and the blood curling screams of the sub-siders (vampires starved of blood) are enough to make a grown man shake in his boots. The vampires simply are evil, and every one of them (with the exception of Hawke’s character) is adamantly opposed to a cure for their ‘disease’. Sam Neill’s character points out, at one point, “What’s there to cure?”.

The plot line twists in so many ways, and just when you think the humans have found their hope, things turn against their favor again and again. The well thought out and dark script makes for a plot that surpasses any of the emo-wannabe- vampire-flicks out there today. It will make you think, as well, our contemporary dependence on luxuries and resources we are not renewing (crude oil? anyone?) The Spierg brothers have made quite an adventure for the audience, and the plot has been set up for a sequel, or possibly a prequel. Who knows? If they made all those Final Destination movies, I’m sure the possibility of a second Daybreakers is looming. Ethan Hawke has been quoted as saying he hopes for a sequel and looks forward to one.

Overall, this movie will give anyone hungry for gore and gothic undertones the pleasure they desire. On top of that, Daybreakers will deliver an award-winning cast that makes a wave among the other vampire themed flicks out there right now.


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