How To Make Mystery Crop Circles Yourself?

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Learning to make crop circles is easy. Depending on how big or complicated design you want to make in your (or others) farm/lawn you will find it that much difficult and time consuming task. Simple designs take lesser time and can be completed in few hours. Most of the crop circles across the world are simple designs. But they don’t take much of an attention.

All crop circles in one photo:

circles Pictures, Images and Photos

Professional artistes like film make John Lundberg works with his friends in the night using tools and machines to make complicated crop circle patterns. He also makes them on contracts for big businesses in the form advertisements making a crop pattern that shows the logo of the company to the fliers in planes.

A simple crop circle patter that is reminiscent of Aliens shown in films.

If you want to simply enjoy the fun with crop circles in your area, you can do with simple tools like ropes, poles and your legs/some flat weights. Before making a crop circle pattern imagine its design in the area of your choice as a whole. Then place the pole at the center of the circle you want to create then stretch the rope to one side and make a complete rotation around the pole. This is a simple geometrical process for making a circle. While rotating around the circle using rope you can either use the flat weight to mow down the lawn or farm, or mark the circle with another pole or stick by digging in the ground. Then evenly mow down the farm within the marked circle.

Crop circles made for advertisement or commercial purpose:

Crop Circles Pictures, Images and Photos

Image Source (crop circles wikipedia)

Complicated patterns can also be made using simple tools but will take a lot of time. The process can be made faster if you use your imagination to carve out the curves using existing tools as efficiently as possible avoiding re-routes, etc.

Very complicated crop circles patterns (crop circles pictures):

Crop Circles Pictures, Images and Photos

Crop Circles Pictures, Images and Photos

If you want to make this process a mysterious one for mystery crop circles, just work in the night time. It won’t take a day to make crop circle patterns. All you need is few hours if the pattern is first created in your mind.

Crop circles are found or made in India too. Look at this picture of Crop circles in India. You wouldn’t believe that it is a crop circle. Well, before that read some interesting news on aliens making crop circles discovered by the agriculture minister of India. This minister claims to have photographed a circular object damaging crops using sparks. Read it one reason for the secrecy behind crop circles mystery.

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