Relationship advice: What really attracts a guy to a girl?

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from mriqbalusmani

As I pondered about my own relationship for more than 3 years, I guess it’s important for ladies and girls to know how to attract your boyfriend or husband.

Every guy is different, and I agree. However there are still general characteristics that most guys truly share together, and let me just share with you from a guy’s perspective.

How does this relate to boyfriend gift ideas? Or about choosing a great gift for your beloved?

Everything, because if you want to impress your boyfriend or husband with a gift, you must understand that you are actually the greatest gift of all to him, and the rest of your gifts to him are just an expression of that love between the two of you.

So unless you want your boyfriend or husband to only focus on what you can give, and not on you yourself as the ultimate gift, you can skip this part of the relationship advice that I am going to share.

Anyway, if there are any guy who happens to read this post, please understand that this applies to you as well.

Relationship advice: What really attracts a guy to a girl?

Let me just highlight to you some key points that attracts a guy to a girl.

1. Your looks play an important part. Please be presentable with your looks by applying personal grooming on yourself.

We often say that beauty is skin deep, and that looks are superficial in a relationship.

However, though many of us agree it in theory, but in reality we act otherwise.

So many girls get swooned over by the male lead in movies such as Twiilight, and some of them are the same girls that say, “beauty is skin deep”.

And truth be told, guys are swooned over by first impressions from the looks of girls too.

Now, here comes the question, do I need to look extremely beautiful to win a guy’s heart?

The answer is no. You just need to look presentable, which means just keep your personal hygiene, and apply your usual grooming practices like cosmetics and make up, and you will be fine.

Why? That’s because guys just need girls who are presentable, and the rest will depend on your personality and character.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; don’t disqualify yourself as there are guys who might find you attractive.

Personally, I don’t really like girls who know that they are beautiful, yet they act like a celebrity. They turn me off immediately.

Likewise, girls are not all that shallow, and will not just choose guys who has good looks, but is sincere, has a character and is trustworthy.

I have seen girls, who do not look like celebrities but at least presentable by personal grooming, that have good looking boyfriends.

Similarly, guys who don’t look good but has lots of charisma, gets good looking girlfriends!

Being presentable is important; some girls think “beauty is skin-deep” and they don’t even bother about looking presentable.

Usually these girls have alot of difficulty finding a partner.

So during romantic events like Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day or your relationship’s anniversary, do try to look your best, and he will remember you as well as the gift you are giving him.

This will be the best boyfriend gift that you have ever given him.

I am sharing with this because we tend to “slack off” in our relationship, and we wonder why we are not in good terms with our boyfriend or husband; and the same goes for guys to their girlfriend or wife as well.

2. Charisma is the other most important fact that attracts a guy to a girl, and vice versa.

What is charisma? It is almost like an “X-factor” of a person’s popularity and importance.

Charisma, in my personal definition, is just being able to present yourself at your best in your speech and actions.

Like how we are attracted to a guy that is able to tell witty jokes, and he is innately humorous? Being humorous will be his charisma, to be able to attract the opposite gender.

Guys like girls that have charisma as well.

For girls who may not have a flair in humor, being confident and sure about what you say, feel or think is one of the best ways to express your charisma well.

Many guys feel that girls that are confident and sure, without always bending towards other people’s opinions and views, are probably the most attractive girls amongst other ladies.

And I am one of these guys.

Final words for this article

As many romantic events may be approaching your life, such as Valentine’s Day, or your own relationship anniversary day, always remember that in the midst of choosing and giving gifts to your boyfriend or husband, you are still the most important gift to him.

And if you truly desire the best date you want to have in your life, present yourself well at your very best, as your ultimate gift to him.

I am sure it will be the best boyfriend gift to him.

That’s all for this article, and this article is slightly edited and taken from, where I share boyfriend gift ideas and relationship advice to loving girlfriends and wives.


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