Men and Childcare

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There is no reason that men can’t be involved in childcare. With male or female childcare, if they are not licensed then I would be careful of their background and pay to have a background check done. If you can’t afford that, then at least look up their name on-line in the sex and violent offender registry that ever state in the U.S. keeps on-line for free. The old-fashioned ideals that women stay at home and work there while men go out and earn the living just don’t apply to life in America anymore. If a woman can be physically capable of working construction or in the steel industry, then why can’t a man be emotionally capable of childcare or other previously deemed womens jobs. In todays world, we have male nurses, male secretaries, male tailors rather than just seamstresses. We have women who do roofing, automotive work, factory work, and so many other jobs that were deemed exclusively male professions not more than 100 years ago. I believe that anyone who has a general love of children and the patience for dealing with multiple children at a time should be perfectly capable of performing the job. If it is a question of whether or not one should hire a male as their form of childcare, that is up to the family members and should be decided amongst the family.
As far as in a home environment where the couple may work different shifts and there is a controversy between the two about whether or not the man should watch the child or children while the woman works, this is all based on a few key factors. First of all, are you in a financial situation where you can’t afford a babysitter or any other means of childcare. Secondly, how does the man do with the child or children.
If you are not in a financial situation to afford childcare and you need the second income to make ends meet, then yes the man should cover that time. However, if you are not in that kind of financial situation and the man does well with the child or children then it should be at the digression of the couple. Also, if you are not in a poor financial situation and the man does poorly with the children, then outside childcare should be paid for for the sake of the children.
As with most things in the area of parenting and childcare, most of this revolves around the family and the situation that the family is in. Discuss it and take into consideration all factors before coming to a decision, what works for someone else’s family may not work for yours and vice versa. Just think about it and talk about it with your family.


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