Where to give birth, hospital or not?

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There are hundreds of thousands of reasons that giving birth somewhere other than a hospital is the right choice for some women. When in labor at a hospital it is the job of the doctors and nurses to try and make sure that the mother is a comfortable as possible, and for some women, there is no place that they are going to be comfortable except for in a particular spot like maybe their home. It all depends on what state you live in within the US as to whether or not home birth is legal. In Nevada for instance, home birth is illegal to the point that if someone attempts to “catch” the baby if the woman absolutely cannot make it to the hospital then the person doing the “catching” can be prosecuted. There are a hundred reasons other than comfort issues that can exist as well for some women in labor. It has been proved that if a woman in labor has her pet with her that it can be more comforting for her and make labor progress easier, and it distracts the woman enough to serve as a form of natural pain management as well. In many areas, hospitals do not allow any animals what so ever except for service animals. For some it is a religious preference or belief that they have such as the Amish. Amish women always give birth at home with the assistance of a midwife and there are very rarely any complications. Amish women also don’t have even a third of the procedures done during their pregnancies that most women in the “modern” world have done today, and they still rarely have any complications, so it is not due to the advances in medical technology that keeps them from having as many complications. There are also women who have a preference for leaving the placenta and umbilical cord completely attached to the baby until it all dries up and falls off as the cord stub would do if the cord had been cut. Yet another problem for some women is that they would like to breastfeed, but don’t feel comfortable doing so in a hospital because they feel that it is not a private enough setting for them or they find the setting to be generally stressful. When this is the case, there can be problems with the letdown of the milk in the mother and the baby is likely to have inadequate nutrition because of this problem. For anyone who feels uncomfortable with the hospital environment and is thinking about birthing somewhere else my suggestion is not to be afraid of the idea, but research it thoroughly. Make sure that it is the right decision for you before you go and try to do it, and if you are in labor and suddenly change your mind but don’t think you have time to drive yourself to the hospital, call EMS. They are trained to handle situations with women in labor and will make sure that you and the baby both arrive safely at the hospital, depending on how far your labor has progressed by that point, there is no real guarantee that the birthing process won’t be over by then, but there will still be medical professionals attending the birth who are trained to handle emergency situations if something should arise that seems abnormal at all. Once again, research the idea and make sure it is right for you before you make the decision to do anything that involves any kind of medical care what so ever, not just related to pregnancy and child birth.


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