Start saving for the Rainy days

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Had you start to put some of your daily spare change into your piggy bank? It’s time to cultivate this healthy habit into your daily life, as it can help you in the rainy days.

Why we should save money? Well, with the economy crisis is around us, it’s wise to start tightening your money belt, don’t let it loose too much. It’s wise to spend less and try to save whatever excess you may come across. But always remember, financial crisis should not be the only reason why you should save money. Actually, a healthy saving plan should be part of your way of life, to have a financial free future life.

Because you never know, when the unforeseen circumstances crop up, you will need some extra money to cover up. Putting money aside for household use or health emergencies, are good to prevent us from getting unnecessary loans. So, a general advice is, you must at least to aim to have a six months of your living expenses saved up for emergencies.

Even education is fast becoming a necessary component to the foundation of a better human life. Since the cost of education is rising every year, it’s better to try to save as much for the future of your children’s education needs. Usually, education loans are not a good choice because we don’t want to be burdened by them after our children had graduated. So, wise parents should start planning for their children’s education need, from as early as possible, even when their children as still newborns.


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