Sandra-the exceptional housewife

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Dennice was trying frantically to untie the knots in his pajama’s string. He wanted desperately to pee. His grandfather had noticed his restlessness. The child made a grimace as the knots were not opening and tight.

“Bring the knife, I will cut the knots else I am going to wet my pants”-He shouted at his mother.

Well, right at the moment grandpa caught his arm and asked him to stand straight.

He just ran his fingers on the knotted Pajama string and started untying them. Presto! It opened within three seconds.

“Push up and relieve yourself”-The septuagenarian said.

The boy ran hastily into the toilet, without minding to close the door behind him. He came back and stood there smiling at his grandpa. His smiles expressed warmth of thanks towards the old man.

The old man stood there smiling at his grandchild and brimming with confidence. The child came running as he was picked up by his doting grandfather.

“Have you heard of Sandra”- The old man asked?

“No, who is she”-The boy was astonished?

“Now I am going to tell her story”

The grand father continued-“long back I had in my neighborhood a beautiful bride named Sandra. Just hear with patience her story.”

Her husband –a doctor by profession- was a drunkard. He used to come home fully inebriated and our poor beautiful bride was appalled by his violent manners. Very often he used to throw away the utensils where the dishes were served. In the neighborhood everybody knew about the drunken brawls that were enacted by the doctor as the night came.

Everyone in the neighborhood liked the bride Sandra-the woman in her. She was advised by one and all to ditch such husband whose nostrils even emitted the stinking smell of liquor even in the broad day light.

“Until one Sunday I saw her in the Church”-The old man said.

“Like the knots in your pajama, she was fumbling for a solution”-He quipped.

That day she went home with an air of confidence. That night when her husband arrived with his usual blood shot eyes and drunk as a ‘skunk, she smiled while receiving him. The drunken man batted his eyelids in surprise to see whether he had came to his own residence for he saw his wife was beautifully dressed.

“What’s the occasion today? You have shed your usual dress and why have you put on this skirt and blouse? You look like one of those bar-maids”-He said

“No, it is something special I have kept for you”-She said as she smiled again.

But the man was not willing to be defeated by the mind-bewitching beauty of his wife. In fact he had not so far got the faint idea that his wife could be judged as pretty. He went and sagged in the sofa, finding the right words for his next hollering. He was about to start throwing the next volley of words from the orifice of his mouth that served most of the times like the muzzle of a gun.

Then Sandra arrived with something which was unbelievable. She was carrying a bottle of the finest of the whiskies.

“Where did you get that”- The drunk asked as she uncorked the bottle again throwing her disarming smile enough to beatify such a query.

“Why should my man loiter around the wine shops and the bars for a swig of drink”-She said pouring.

“I have prepared the finest of the dishes that you like most”-She said.

The man was fumbling for the right word. As a matter of fact he was looking for the right timing to begin the fight with his wife.

“Can I sip a bit”-She said beseeching, pretending to hold a pint of liquor in her hand?

Well this was enough for the man to forget everything. He drank and devoured the food before falling flat on the bed.

Sandra breathed a sigh at the sight of man snoring in deep slumber. She felt sad for their loveless life.

Next time when her man left for office she put her hand around his shoulder and asked with a batting of eyelids to come home early in the evening. He thumped out hardly sparing a word.

Such occasions went on till he developed a routine of appearing at his doorsteps just within half an hour as his official duty ended.

Ah! One day he handed over his cell phone to his wife and grumbled-My friends bother me a lot. Please tell them I am busy’. His wife was an expert in offering a plausible reasons that why her husband was not at their home.

Sometimes she cackled in the phone-“oh, he has gone out without minding his cell-phone.’

“She applied the same restlessness of mind and the lack of patience that you displayed in the morning to open your pajama. But she was lucky to have met me in the church.”-The old man narrated to the child.

“Then what happened”-The child asked, curious?

“Actually she had shown her naiveté while dealing with a knotty problem of her life”-The old man explained.

Then her man was improving. He was at last……trying to be her husband. He loved to buy every other thing for his wife while coming back home. Flowers, chocolates –those were reciprocated by his wife with the warmth of smiles or hugs.

His friends were wondering that what happened to their buddy. Why he stopped coming to such soirees, where they used to wallow in the peak of inebriated ness?

Till one evening they came looking for him. Well they found that their friend had kept his legs on table with his wife by his side. Both were merged in an intimate posture gossiping.

“How one of them from their group can be so blissful in his relationship with his wife”-They were thinking as most of them had the bitterest association with their wives.
The group did consist of men who were divorced twice or thrice

They wished Sandra politely and requested the drunkard with the pretext to come to a party scheduled in the evening.

But the drunkard sat with an unusual silence.

“What a piety, that you have forgotten us. Long time not seen, we have arranged a party for welcoming you. Please come soon.”-They said wondering in their minds whether their friend was threatened by his wife with a divorce.

He sat in silence and nodded in dissent. Just then his wife arrived with a mug of coffee and empty cups on a tray to serve the guests.

She served each of them with a beautiful smile.

“What have you made of him? He is not stepping out of your house after the office”-They complained.

She smiled again showing her……ignorance.

But the pleading grew harder until one of them rose and held the hand of his friend showing unwillingness to come. But the doc was so rigid that he freed his hand by pushing the man away from him.

Everybody in the group was angry. They started complaining louder.

“You ungrateful, do you know what have you done? You have ditched your real companions. We will see to this”-They were hollering.

Now their silent friend opened his mouth.

“No, all of you have come here because if one among us is absent, then there would not be sufficient money to buy drinks. Without me the collection would not be enough for the evening get together”-He gave the riposte.
The argument continued and the scuffle was about to begin even in the absence of drinks.

“You shall have to pay heavily for such dastardly acts”-One said while taking a step towards the doctor for attacking him with his closed fists. The rest waited for their respective turns.

Just then they heard a shrill voice. As they veered around they saw Sandra standing behind them with a broom. She bent her hand while showing the broom up.

“Get out and get lost before I sweep all of you out”-She yelled.

The drunken men took to their heels, while Sandra went over to hug her man.

“What have learned from this”-The old man inquired from the child.

“That a drunken man is not born rather he becomes a drunkard due to the evil company of his friends. Liquor does not create a drunkard out of a good man rather the evil association with the wrong people does-The wise child replied.

“What else”- The septuagenarian enquired?

“However knotty a problem might be first watch the knots with patience and then start undo them with tricks”-The child said smiling.

“Well almost every man behaves like a child before a problem. It’s very natural as you have done.”-The old man said while lifting the child.

Srikanta Mohanty, MBA (Symbiosis)
HIG-1/60, Kapila prasad BDA colony,



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