Are children responsible for their grades?

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Students should always be held accountable for failing grades unless there are serious extenuating circumstances such as the death of a parent during that school year or parents over-scheduling the child with after-school activities and the parents not placing enough emphasis on academics, there are situations where the student isn’t completely responsible but those are not likely to happen to most students. Grades are usually a reflection of the effort that a particular student puts into their classwork, if the student doesn’t understand the material then they should ask the teacher for help. If the teacher can’t provide them with the type of assistance that they are needing then the student should speak to their parents about finding a tutor or looking into an alternate method of having the material explained to them so that they can comprehend it well enough to accomplish the work that they need to do for the class. Most teachers will be a little more lenient with a students grade if they see that the student is putting in honest hard work and making an effort in the class and still struggling due to the fact that the student is trying rather than just giving up. Since there are so many other avenues that a student can travel down to get a better understanding of any material that they are struggling with, they should then be held accountable for any grade that they get. There are other extenuating circumstances as well, if there has been a bad relationship with a student and a particular teacher for an extended period of time, it is then the job of the parent to know this by asking different questions of their child on a regular basis to make sure that everything is going well in school. The parent should, in this type of situation, step up and request that the student be able to transfer to a different class that is taught by a different teacher to help remedy this problem. Another circumstance that would lead to a student having less responsibility where their grades are concerned is a lack of services to assist students being offered in the area in which they live, but there is still always a public library around somewhere and they can access the internet from there to get help with almost any subject, so that only provides a limited amount of relief from being held accountable. For the most part, there is always something that the student can do to help their grades in almost every situation.


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