10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon

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  1. Brain function: We all need this one from time to time. And it’s true. A 2004 study showed that those who chewed cinnamon or cinnamon-flavored gum, or even just smelled cinnamon, had stronger cognitive abilities and scored better on tests involving working memory, hand-eye coordination, stress relief and overall brain function.
  2. Inflammation: Cinnamon is naturally anti-inflammatory, so chew on some to help ease any pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. Cinnamon’s anti-inflammatory properties also can help fight head colds and aches and pains caused by colds.
  3. Diabetes: Always check with your doctor about using natural foods for your health, but he or she might suggest cinnamon if you are diabetic and insulin resistant. Some studies show a teaspoon of ground cinnamon taken daily can help with blood sugar levels.
  4. Anti-clotting: One of the natural oils in cinnamon is called cinnamaldeyde and this oil helps to stop blood platelets from clumping together, which can be good for those suffering with heart disease.
  5. High cholesterol: One teaspoon of cinnamon contains 28mg of calcium, and calcium helps to decrease high cholesterol. Which is good for the heart. The calcium urges the body’s liver to create new bile, which naturally forces out the old, high cholesterol, bile.
  6. Yeast infections: Cinnamon has natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, which means it can help in combating yeast infections. This ability also makes cinnamon prime for helping to get rid of lice and ulcers.
  7. Cancer: Various studies, including a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, suggest use of cinnamon reduces cancer cells in leukemia and lymphoma. More will have to be studied on this particularity, but cinnamon as a cancer fighter is growing more common. Again, consult your doctor.
  8. Common cold: Cinnamon is known to stimulate the respiratory system, which helps to combat the common cold and other flu-like symptoms. Chew on some cinnamon bark or swallow a teaspoon to help get over that cold.
  9. Nausea: Feeling a little sick at the stomach? Drink some cinnamon tea or add a little cinnamon to some warm soup to help ease your tummy.
  10. Insect bites: Make a paste of cinnamon and honey and dab it onto any insect bites to help reduce the pain and itching. It might take a few minutes before the effects kick in, but give it some time.

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