Important Tips When Shopping For A Persian Cat

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When selecting a special breed cat, there are several things that you need to be aware of in order to assure the health and longevity of your beloved pet.  I have been the owner of two Persian cats and I am proud to say that they just celebrated their 16th birthday.

 First, it is wise to purchase your cat from pet store when looking to purchase a Persian or Himalayan.  Many times these cats are sent to pet stores when they are 6-8 weeks old and they usually have been checked by a vet and have the appropriate paperwork. 

 Make sure you inquire about the overall health of the kitten.  Ask for proof of vaccination, worming, and sex.  In addition, you should inquire about where the kitten came from, meaning the breeder.  Most pet store kittens come directly from the breeder.  Never takes the salespersons word for anything, ask to see the proper documents, which relate to the kitten that you will be purchasing.

 Don’t purchase any Persian or Himalayan cat if their face is flat.  Most people think all Persian breeds are supposed to have flat faces.  Actually, the flat face can cause the cat to develop severe respiratory problems as they age.  I purchased my cats directly from a Pennsylvania breeder 16 years ago and I was told never to purchase a Persian or Himalayan unless they have a normal cat shaped face. 

 My cats look 100% Persian minus the smashed face.  Many breeders purposely breed the Persian to look that way because they feel it gives them a distinct and unique look.  The only thing it does is causing the cat health problems as they age.  Many cats bred in this fashion end up with life threatening asthma or heart problems. 

 Also, it is best to give the kitten specialty food like Science diet.  Persians appear to have delicate digestive systems as opposed to other breeds. 

 Make sure you purchase a carrying cage to transport your new friend too and from the vet. 

 \In conclusion, it would help to prepare a checklist before you go shopping for a new cat.  Make a list and keep careful notes on the important points that I have mentioned.  I guarantee if you follow my advice you will end up with a healthy and happy cat. 


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