Brainpipe downloadable game

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Brainpipe is an odd game graphically speaking.  I personally would give the graphics on this game a 5 out of 5; they are awesome in that very hallucinogenic way.  The creativity level there was unbelievable.  The music and sound is average space adventure type music which suits the theme for the most part because it has a very space-like feel to it.  When I first saw the graphics, I was expecting it to be a really good game, but unfortunately that is not exactly the case.  As far as actual game play, I give the game a 1 out of 5.  Not at all original.  Collect the pieces of the “puzzle” as you fly through the game environment and get more point for each piece you collect.  The pieces also make something else happen, they either make the game slow down, make it harder to see, make the game speed up, whatever…  All been done before.  Total I have to give the game a 2 out of 5; the graphics are only good enough to bring the game play score up by a total of 1 point for the game rating.  I would definitely not pay to play this game because there are a million free internet downloadable games just like it; the only difference is that this has better graphics than those.  Not worth the money to pay for just the graphics in my opinion.  To those who do like it, there are several questions that I would have to ask you about why, but this is not the time or place.  To whomever designed the game, keep it up with the graphics, but either put more energy into the idea behind the game objective or get someone who has an awesome creative ability in that area to help you and the two of you would then be able to create what I would consider probably one of the most perfect games in the history of games.  Good luck next time, and maybe I will get to review the next work of art that you come up with to see what kind of progress there can be in your game play creative abilities.


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