What Are Tablet PCs?

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A tablet personal computer (PC) is sort of like a child born of a personal device assistant (PDA), a laptop and a
transformer from Alpha Centauri.  A laptop that can be changed by lifting, swiveling and snapping the display screen into place, a tablet PC can be used as an attractive looking laptop with a touchscreen display, or a PDA on steroids.  Use the stylus pen to make the PDA style seem more like a business-related e-machine smaller than a laptop, and much more powerful than a smart phone or PDA.

One of the more attractive parts of the tablet PC is it’s weight, at two to three pounds, without external components added on.  This makes it an ideal partner for planes, trains and automobiles, as well as hiking, and for a more extensive GPS system.  No matter the application (app) that you happen to run on your smart phone, PDA or other web-enabled device, it will run better on a like-priced tablet PC.  Well, save for more powerful laptops and computers, that is.

Using the tablet PC portion of the sometimes tablet, sometimes laptop gizmo, the user can write on the tablet’s touchscreen display using the stylus pen, and have the information saved for later perusal or transcribing, or have it treanscribed automatically to text.  This comes in very handy when you are brainstorming, and the small keypad just won’t do for the quick writing you need to do.  It is also great for sketching, drawing rough outlines for home renovations, gardens, in-ground pools and other such home improvements.

With the right apps, or programs installed and running, there is very little that can not be done using a tablet PC, and the cost is much lower than the average laptop and newer models of smart phones (when not purchased with a two or three year plan).  With a tablet PC, there really is no need for a smart phone, as it will do practically everything a smart phone can do, and, in many cases, more.  Hooking up to the Internet while away from home can still be accomplished with a Turbo Stick with the tablet PC, making the cell phone or smart phone non-essential for getting online while away from your usual, and known connection places.

With the display screen being able to flip and swivel, then “lock” into place is just more parts that have a high probability of breaking.  For items like this, it is usually best to wait for the second or third “new and improved models”, but some tablet PCs have been constructed with an extremely sturdy chasis, and no cheap plastic parts are used for the interlocking or swivel parts.

If you are looking for an ultra-cool, compact laptop, or an ultra-cool, quite large PDA, or an extremely large smart phone, then a tablet PC should be one of the platforms that you should investigate before deciding upon your purchase.

Shop smart.  Shop informed.


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