Linking Internet And TV, The Technology Marriage Is Getting Closer

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The internet can handle TV, and for years technology companies have tried to bring the internet to TV, their work is getting close to paying off. The technology marriage is getting closer.

At the Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas last week, LG Electronics unveiled a new line of high-definition TV’s that include software from Netflix, Inc. Users can download movies and TV programs directly onto the LG TV’s over an internet connection. LG and Netflix have made the technology marriage that is making sense to consumers.

Hewlett-Packard and Sony have been selling internet-enabled TV’s for a few years now, but users have been reluctant to adopt the technology simply because there wasn’t much worth watching. The companies were not offering much to go with their internet-enabled TV’s.

Yahoo also announced last week a deal with Samsung Electronic Co. Ltd. that will see the companies new line of TV’s come prepackaged with the internet trailblazer’s Widget Engine software. Users will be able to access various services like Flickr and Yahoo Finance through a launch bar at the bottom of the TV screen.

A joint project of NBC Universal Inc., and News Corp., called Hulu, is in place to offer ad-supported and free videos on-demand when the technology marriage between internet and TV officially takes place. Hulu will allow users to watch popular United States programs at their convenience.

Cable companies will be the replaced partner in the technology marriage and stand to lose the most as the linking of internet and TV becomes closer to reality.


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