Five ways to make extra money

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Five ways to make extra money

Making extra money isn’t impossible.  You might want to go on holiday, pay off that debt or want something special.  Whatever it is you need the extra money for, here are five easy ways that you can boost your income.

1. Do you have skills that you could start a business with?  Think about what interests and hobbies you have and make a list of your skills.  Another good idea is to think about what jobs you’ve held in the past and start to make a list of ideas of how you could freelance or start a part time business.  For instance if you can write, you could make some extra money as a freelance writer. There are lots of ways to freelance, so by evaluating your skills you can start to earn in other ways.

2.Once you have a list of skills, you can then begin to approach local businesses and organisations  to generate work.  For example, if one of your skills was working in education, you could approach schools or colleges and advertise as a private tutor working from home.

3. Sell your clutter.  Everyone has items that they no longer use.  Gather up all the items and look how you could sell them on eBay or at a local car boot sale. And if you have no clutter that you want to get rid of, look at buying stock to re-sell

4. Are you creative?  If one of your hobbies is creating artwork or handcrafted items, set up an online store through Etsy or sell your items on ebay.

5. Look at the space you own.  If you have an extra room, you could rent it out to hold stock for a local business or  you could take in a lodger.  In some busy towns, you can also rent out parking spaces, so if you have extra room on your drive and you live in a busy city or town, advertise it and you could be making extra money for renting out your driveway.


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