Many Uses Of Fake Tattoos

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Having a tattoo is a cool thing among the young and old alike. In the early years, people who had tattoos in their body held the symbols of their position in the tribe they belong to. Today, even fake tattoos emerged due to the high demand for tattoos but without having to suffer from the pain of getting one. There are a lot of fake tattoos available in tattoo shops and you can choose them from catalogues containing different designs.

These fake tattoos should comply with the guidelines set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for safety reasons. This means that they use only the FDA certified pigments or colors to keep the formulation hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and safe. The matter of hypo-allergenic means they will not result to any allergic reactions even to the most sensitive skin similar to that of a baby.  

Fake tattoos are easy to apply and remove and they last from three to seven days upon application. To apply, clean the spot where you intend to place it using soap and water then let it dry. Take off the protective layer located at the front portion of the fake tattoos then press them firmly on the skin. For best results, it is advised to place the fake tattoos on body portions with little or no hair at all. In removing, alcohol wipes are normally included as part of the product’s purchase package. Nevertheless, other removing agents like water and lotion are already sufficient to take them off.

Aside from the normal usage as a skin design, personalized fake tattoos are also of great help during vacation trips. Parents attach them to their children in case they accidentally get separated. Thus, it lessens the worry of not being able to find the kids in case they get lost in amusement parks, beaches, shopping malls or other similar places.

Just remember to use a marker that does not easily fade when placing your contact number on the fake tattoo in case of emergency. However, there is nothing like constant parent supervision and fake tattoos are not meant to replace basic safety precautions for children. In case a kid has autism or food allergy, these fake tattoos will also serve as useful information, thus, extending the benefits derived from fake tattoos. .       

Although they are considered safe, it is not advisable to place them near the eyes. In case there is irritation, simply rinse them thoroughly with water. If the irritation becomes persistent, better visit your doctor for consultation. To preclude accidents, it is better to place them in a safe place where they cannot be reached by children.

As additional information, here are some of the ingredients of fake tattoos that are considered as non hypo-allergenic. In case you intend to use them for your child, check your child out for allergic reactions first to ingredients like Black Iron Oxide, Cobalt Tallate Drier, Petrolatum, Petroleum Isopariffinic Hydrocarbon, Phenolic Modified Gloss Varnish, Alkyd Polyester Resin, Acrylic Multipolymer, Titanium Dioxide, etc.

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