Make Your Own Beautiful Fairy Wings

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Fairy wings for sale in the market today are quite expensive. The cheaper kinds are less than a hundred dollars and the more elaborate ones with lighting effects and may cost more than three hundred dollars. So if you really want fairy wings to go with your costume, then you can probably make your own. Here are some ways on how you can make your own fairy wings.

1. The first thing to consider is the duration and how durable you want the wings to be.  For quick projects, you can use large cardboard cutouts for the wings themselves.  

2. After cutting out the cardboard shapes for your fairy wings, you would need something to keep them together.  For this, a long cardboard strip that is stiffer than the wings will do.  If you want something a bit sturdier, a small plastic pipe that covers the length of your back will work great.

3. Use a lot of masking tape to attach the cardboard wings onto the spine.  Now, your fairy wings are taking shape.  The only thing needed are the straps and for you to color them.  As for the color, you can go wild with the design and let it match your dress and personality.

4. For fairy wings that are more elaborate and would last longer than a single party, some wires and cellophane would do great. First, make the frame by twisting and bending individual wings with the wires.

5. If you are creative enough, some veins or curls on the inside part would do great. Now, attach the cellophane on one side with craft glue that can handle metal and plastic. Never use hot glue as this will only ruin the cellophane.  What you will do with your fairy wings is to sandwich the wires with cellophane on each side.

6. Now, if you have the curls or space in between the wings, just cut them off with a craft blade.  Then do just as you would with the other wing and then you can attach it to the spine you made.  The spine for these wings is almost just the same as the previous cardboard wings.  The only difference is that you should reinforce the strap and the attachment of the wings.

It does not need a lot of money for you to have your own fairy wings. With just a few recycled materials, some creativity and a lot of patience you can make your own fairy wings. In time you will be able to make sturdier and more elaborate designs.  Just keep reinventing and soon you will master making these wings.

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