How To Find The Best Fairy Halloween Costume

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Most of the time, little girls’ fantasies are about having fairy wings, and wearing sparkling dresses. A fairy Halloween costume would certainly fit those categories. Typically a fairy costume involves a dress with a very short skirt, a pair of fairy wings, a wand and a pair of sparkling shoes.

A fairy Halloween costume for kids should be very comfortable. Some fairy Halloween costume made for kids can be faulty if the materials used are barely breathable.  The costume ends up making the child feel irritated and uncomfortable.

For some teen or adult fairy Halloween costume, faulty designs include straps and fasteners that are too flimsy and are liable to snap or break easily. Bearing these in mind, you should look for fairy Halloween costume made of comfortable materials. Textures should be smooth and airy which allows a perfect fit. Make sure the fasteners and straps are durable and sewed on properly.

A fairy Halloween costume is never complete without wings. For small children, fairy Halloween costume wings should never be too heavy or too flimsy either. Though some wings are really designed to be flexible and constructed in a way that allows movement, these types can also be defective if they have a tendency to break easy. A good pair of fairy wings should be sturdy enough to withstand small bumps from other people. Likewise, the straps should also be comfortable and will not cause chafing.  

Preferably ballerina shoes that have laces coming straight up from the shoe in a criss-crossing manner should match a fairy Halloween costume. A good rule is to match the color of the shoes with the outfit and the highlights of the shoes should go well with the accessories like the wings. It would be best to always keep in mind that the shoes are comfortable for walking.

Last on the list for a fairy Halloween costume is a wand. Actually the wand is very easy to make.  Some construction paper, glitters, and a stick is all you need to make your wand. An easy way out is to simply buy the wands that flood the market today.  There are even some that works electronically as it features lights and sound effects.

Still it is not that easy to get a wand that would match your outfit if you want to go into exact details. If you are portraying a fairy that symbolizes nature’s elements, then it would be very awkward to hold a pink star when your costume is of earthly tones. Creating a wand made of fake plants and some vines and branches would go very well with your costume, especially if intended for school plays.

Some fairy Halloween costume sets are hard to find. In these cases you can just improvise and make your own using the materials readily available to you.

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