Fairy Costumes Are For All Ages and Sizes

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Almost all of the little girls you would ask know who Tinkerbell is. There are so many variations to these popular fairy  costumes. Popular fairy costumes like Tinkerbell, the Tooth Fairy, or just regular fairies now have been modified to suit  different people. These fairy costumes like the Tinkerbell costumes started out only for children. Since Tinkerbell was just a small fairy, her looks suited almost any child. A little girl only has to wear a green fairy dress, some wings and a blonde wig.  

Who says it has to stay that way? Costume makers know that some teenagers or even plus-sized ladies missed out on wearing  fairy costumes during their younger days. Today is the age of anything goes, so why not let everybody have their Halloween  fun, by providing them with fairy attires with a twist?

The Tinkerbell fairy costume has been modified to fit the older generation due to its very popularity. It has some sexy versions where young teen misses fit in perfectly. The tattered green dress became more revealing and emphasized. Surprisingly, plus sized women didn’t want to miss out on the fun; hence, popular costumes like these are now available in larger sizes.

The tooth fairy is another one of the costumes that were made over. For kids it started out with just a blue or any colored  fairy dress with wings. The one that makes this so distinct is the bag of teeth and a wand with a large tooth for the end.  Adults with a good sense of humor made a new twist on the tooth fairy. A version of the fairy costume like the tooth  fairy looks like any other imp costume. The only difference is that the parts of her dress look like teeth. The top of the dress gives the impression that the wearer has a whole set of teeth on her chest and the skirt is shaped like a large tooth.  Another idea is to simply wear a large tooth costume and hold a wand.

Some fairy costumes are just some of Mother Nature’s regular little fairies. Some of these fairies have been modified to look a little more interesting. Some are ice fairies that have very crystalline wings and glittery costumes. There are fairy costumes best viewed in the dark and would glow under UV light or just glow in the dark. Others are more focused on the wings, like costumes that have intricate dragonfly wings. As dragonfly wings have two pairs, their construction is more  different than regular fairy wings. There are even those who go as far as making and wearing formidable dragon wings to go with their costume.

As years pass, no one knows what new ideas will sprout from creative minds. So now, fairy costumes are no longer limited  to just small children and slim bodied people. No matter what size you are there are fairy costumes available.

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