Face Painting Designs To Add To Your Halloween Costume

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Face painting is a fairly good craft artisanship you can use for parties, including those held for Halloween’s Eve costume parties. Face painting designs greatly vary depending on the occasion. Face painting can also be used as party favors during children’s birthday parties as it adds more fun and excitement to the children.

Face painting designs are limitless.  The only limit is your imagination. In time you can improve your skills and you can expand your knowledge in making your own face painting designs. Through experience you can discover which brushes and sponges to use to create the desired effects.

For starters here are some simple face painting designs:

For a tiger effect on the face, you would need colors like orange, yellow, and some black and white face paints. Make sure that you would only use hypo-allergenic face paints and not the hardware type paints like enamel or acrylic paints. Using paints other than approved face paints can cause skin damage to your subject as the face has very sensitive skin.

Make the base for the other colors using the yellow paint. Face painting designs always need a base color to work with.  This will help blend the other layers together easier. Cover the face with the yellow paint then blend the orange paint carefully while avoiding the eyes nose and mouth in the process. By doing this, the face will have a lighter color in the middle.

After blending the color into the desired effect, you can now add detail.  Face painting designs are never complete without the details. Add the tiger stripes with black and white paint. The nose should be painted black and the mouth should have white whiskers protruding from the cheeks and lips. Give time to dry and the face painting design is done.

Other face painting designs are for Halloween and require special wax for scar and wound effects. For a wound to look real, fake gel blood should be used. The wax can be shaped into a sausage and then smoothed onto the area of the subject. Make sure that the sausage shape does not lose its form. Smooth out the edges that divide the sausage starting from the center.  This way it will take the form of an open wound. Now use red paint and gel blood you as added details.

As you continuously put this ability to practice, you will discover more face painting designs and techniques. You’ll eventually learn that you need certain brushes and sponge to carry out other face painting designs you’re interested in. In time it will be more than a hobby if you find some parents or party organizers looking for face painting designers they can use for their parties.  

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