Win a day and win a lottery

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Are you depressed? Getting easily tired! Neglected by others and left in the lurch either by situations or by circumstances? Well, I was astonished as I heard this salvo of  such questions by a psychiatrist to a patient in a clinic .The patient was dumbfounded and expressed himself either by ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The doctor was busy in scribbling medicines, confirmed in his heart that those were no solutions to the stressful situations in life.

 If a psychologist is asked to spend a day in a corporate office, he will be surprised to find that people, slogging for a twelve hour schedule in a day are living under the perpetual fear of the sword of Damocles that would inevitably fall on them because of the

worsening situations in the world’s economy. Although we make our best efforts and keep on contributing to every cause, we are no-where at the helm of affairs. I heard a lecture on Statistics where the pedagogue said that the most predominant factor in every one’s life is the fear of UNKNOWN, meaning the absolute lack of knowledge about the twists and turns that our life can take.

 The saints blame the ignorance as the cause of suffering in every human being, which means we are poor in our perceptions and cite attachment and greed are the chief causes of sorrowful living. Poor mortals are sandwiched between the science of morals and compelling situations in life.

Caught in the grind of frightful conditions humans commit obnoxious acts like ending lives despite being achievers. A software engineer with flying colors ended her life by jumping off from sixth-floor of the apartment. She was earning a hefty salary from her company, but lost her life to the usual marital discord. Being a topper downright from her school, she dared not to take a divorce. A precious life ended for something worth a dime a dozen.

 A wisecrack by the son of the soil of our land goes like this-“why bother for life, ratherlive a day, win a lottery”.

 The wise man further gives the following pearls of wisdom by suggesting the following exercises;

 1. If you are suffering from any kind of mundane grief, just take a day or two off from your usual schedule and take a look around you and find out whether you are the only sufferer of the same sorrow. He bets that if you undertake the quest, you will find yourself just standing within a big group of humans, suffering from the same cause. Happiness and sorrow come alternately, but you have thought yourself to be an exceptional enjoyer of happiness and your big EGO prevents you from accepting a bad situation. Rather when you wake up in the morning, start the day saying that “this is the best day of my life and I will make my best contribution only today.” Here contribution means contribution to your self, by adding up energy, enthusiasm and empathy to all the works, which will bring you the highest returns.

 2. Let’s not spend time worrying for the future and lamenting on the past. Proceed ahead as the day advances. You will find the hurdles in the shape of provocations.

For example, when you frantically try to reach the work place, suddenly you come    closer to meeting an accident. But dear friend, watch your reaction, try not to lose your temper. Usually whenever you face a situation, you lose yourself and react, then calm down and regret for having done so much against your own conscience. But here the wise man tells us to exchange the places of your reaction. In the face of provocation, first be very discreet in using your conscience, keeping your anger for use in the next place. Again he throws the challenge that once your conscience is engaged, temperament will naturally be mellowed. 

3. As you reach your work place, remember what exactly you have to do that day. Prepare yourself that your Boss must be expecting you to say in your face the worst damning things. But you are the expert. You know the likes and dislikes of your Boss like the back of your hand and he knows your weakness-your excuses. Then do the simple thing. Be very cautious of your weakness in offering plausible excuses. The wise man again suggests, once you refrain from using your excuses, your Boss will definitely tend to keep his likes and dislikes away.

 4. Then as the afternoon arrives, get the acts together for the evening. Here fix up the aim that no work for the day is kept pending for tomorrow. You do not hold the control for tomorrow. It is in your best interest to try your best to finish off every work for today. Your job will remain always safe.

 5. Wish your Boss a hearty good-bye as you part company for that day. Then as the evening comes and you reach your residence, be ready for your wife’s complaints about the household chores. As you are the master of situations at your home and office, welcome the problems at your home. But as you are the Boss of your family, tell your family not to give excuses. Then your wife will withdraw the complaints. Oh the wise man does say here that do not forget to give your family the best of yourself in the evening and night.

 The son of our soil assures everybody that if you live such day, you will surely win  the lottery.

 Srikanta Mohanty,

HIG-1/60, BDA Colony,

Kapila Preasad



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