How to impress your teacher

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Children believe that their teacher is the role model. There is a certain stage up to which the child considers the teacher as the person who is everything. No wonder, the column of my favorite teacher is a part of every scrapbook.

Even when one grows, there are certain things that make the teacher special and you would like to appreciate and follow.
If you want to impress your teacher follow these.

  • The most important trick is to listen to her/him and that is what the teacher wants. Pay attention to what she/him says in the class. Be attentive. It is very easy for the teacher to catch hold of roving eyes and get angry. If you are attentive, s/he will definitely notice you and admire your attention.
  • Do not forget to pay respect by wishing her/him, pleasing her/him on special days like her/his birthday, teacher’s day or festivals.
  • Always do your homework.
  • Be prepared for the lectures s/he is to teach in the class in advance. This will not only help you to understand things better but also give you an edge over others.  With this proactive approach, you can definitely impress your teacher.
  • Ask questions but remember, ask only relevant ones. Some people think that asking questions will not be encouraged by the teacher but this is not the case. In fact, a teacher feels good when asked questions because that means the effort s/he has put to deliver the content has been well received, understood and is being analyzed to gain more information.
  • Be punctual. Be always neat and clean. These things will add to the good behavior that you will exhibit.

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