Online Work Organizational Methods

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As the new year gets under way, I’ve been spending a lot of my time organizing my time and making plans and goals for 2009. I use various methods to organize my online work.

Google Calendar

I LOVE Google Calendar for tracking my time and maintaining a to-do list. I make a different color-coded calendar for each website I own as well as daily tasks and my freelance writing. Each thing I do gets a new listing on the calendar and I use the repeat function extensively. When I complete a task for the day, I simply delete it from that day’s calendar box.


Goal Enforcer is a graphical goal-setting software program that I think is worth every penny. I create projects for both short term and long term goals, including financial goals. It not only keeps me on track, but allows some positive feedback in the form of percent complete reports.

Written Date Planner

I also use a daily planner for all the extra stuff I need to do. This helps me keep track of appointments, exercise goals, plan outings with my kids, and organize homeschooling lessons. I also mark down writing goals such as submission dates and deadlines for contests.


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