A ladder to heaven

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“Good morning Sir, how are you? I am Mr. Marteer, B.Tech (Computer Science) from KCST (Kohinoor college of Science & Technology).  I am working for Sane group of companies as Techno-marketing executive. Sir I have come for ……..”

 I was bewildered as the pour of words was beyond my comprehension. I fumbled “You are what from what for what”? The boy again poured out his introductory details. Well I had to stop him……”Marteer, just tell me, you have come for what”?

 He was apologetic, yet struggling to pick up strength for another flurry of speech. Then as I understood that the boy in the early twenties, sporting a dashing appearance in creamy white shirt, black tie and black trouser and a matching blazer was an Engineering graduate pass out from a College of our city and at present an employee of a local based company. In a party such a boy would have fastened my attention by making me green with envy but as this was peak hour in office I was niggardly in spending my time, so I asked him to be brief.

 Marteer had given me a remarkable understanding about his company and the products through a participative demonstration. My business sixth sense told me that he had sugarcoated a lot of things by his inimitable sales acumen. Well the only truth that I could follow was that he was fighting a tooth and nail battle to achieve his sales target because the quarter end was round the corner. Off he go, I heaved a deep exasperated sigh as he served me as one of the many instances of people who once took up technical and professional studies to be groomed as brilliant technocrats in the factory of one multinational, but now pushing the sales of products of a middleman channel partner of an MNC.

 One of the ads in the newspaper gives out the details of the Management and Engineering courses as follows “Sky is the limit for our deserving students. Courses are very upwardly mobile”. All these institutions promise job placement assistance or even guarantee after the course. Some get placement, some do not. Marteer was one of the students of such colleges. He was assured that he would be placed in one o very good multinational after the completion of the course. Every day the other boy in the locality used to land upon a good JOB with five figured salary. But in the end promises always go up in smoke. Dear Marteer, please try to understand…….this is the axiomatic truth on our land.

 My handsome poor Marteer, he was unaware of his own destiny. In one of our later discussions he mourned in despair” Sir, I am fed up with my life”? He expressed surprise that how could I know that he was not satisfied with his job, that his energies were ebbing, that his struggles were endless?

 Like every other occasion, my reply was silence, but I narrated to my cute boy the tale of another girl. Well, her parents called her Lucky. She was present in one of the so-called walk-in interviews at the place where I toiled every day. I noticed her approaching me with such elegance in courtesy with her CV. I was a member of the interview board, which used to take such interviews.

I told Marteer-“Look my boy, I have to be a different person when I am in the office. But my heart mellows at the people and the situations in their lives. That’s why I am telling you all this. I am a sentimentalist”.

 He asked me to push up with my tale of Lucky. Yes, she charmed me in the interview. She was a topper in every other examination since her childhood. The percentages of marks were simply excellent. Her flair in communication was simply mind boggling. She was accepted at the very sight when she walked into the room. She was from the elite convent of our place with a Masters in Business administration under her belt. She spoke with such gentle enthusiasm in the room that every nod of the heads radiated admiration. Our head of the group said that she would turn on the tables, if given a chance to serve.

Then she was conferred a designation-‘Telemarketing Executive’ with a salary of rupees five thousand per month. Our HR man told her that she was a fresher and her take home would be lesser after the other cuts. She must understand. Lucky nodded that she understood. She had to do it for experience.

 I called Lucky to my room and gave a straight forth suggestion, persuading not to join. I told her to be more persevering in her search. She said that she was bored in her life. She has to start from a scratch like this. Two years have passed and she is not through any good interview, that life looked very bleak.

 She had joined the next morning.

 After three days as I came out from a long meeting in the office I found her in my room. Oh my God, she was weeping. I shouted – “please wipe off tears. This is no home.” She was all in tears. I ran without calling the peon for a glass of water. Then sobbing she told me what happened?

 Well she was asked to wear the uniform given by the Japanese principal of the company. For Lucky it was awkward for it did not fit her. She felt as if the tight uniform would rip through her flesh. She went to the room of the General Manager, requesting that if she could wear her usual dress? She did suggest stitching up a pair of such uniforms as per her size with his permission. The expenses she would bear.

 Our General Manager was furious. Lucky had lost her temper through the arguments. The GM yelled –“Bitch, you have wasted my three days and now come to me saying this. This is not my father’s company that I can do any thing. Wearing dress other than uniform code is prohibited and even you are not allowed to get the uniform stitched from outside. Those are strictly supplied by the company”

 Well he sacked Lucky as the uniform was not fitting. I told her that why humans fail like this despite being very talented. She had very accurately remembered her marks, school. College and search for a career on earth.

But she had forgotten herself. She had misplaced herself. I gently queried that if she had noticed the other girls. Had she observed whether she could work like them? How could she forget that she had not exercised enough to keep fit for such demanding uniformed job?

 Now she could see as to why I forbade her not to join. She went home in the deluge of tears.

 I told Marteer-‘Look my boy writing a CV means knowing thy self. A job means searching for a place where you can completely transform yourself. Spending a day at your work place must aim at collecting a gem of experience, which would ultimately make you seasoned for every other venture in life”.

 “Be very specific in your search for growth. Please do not be a prey in the hunt of all those people with the offers of such upwardly mobile courses and placement assistance.

Have you not read that Goutama gave up a kingdom to be Buddha? Many illustrious sacrificed their status to be what they were destined for. History is replete with not one but many an example. The successful could have achieved only when they knew their inner urges. Be it any human being, do not be mistaken that they were super souls, super humans, not like you”.

 The ladder to heaven has so far not been invented except in the words.

Words are most spurious. So says a renowned saint of our time.

 Marteer wiped a tear and left the room in the search of fulfilling his target.

 Srikanta Mohanty,MBA(Symbiosis),

H.I.G-1/60,Kapila Prasad BDA Colony,





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