Runescape F2p Guide / How to get 99 in ALL F2p skills. (Each Skill have it’s own Step-by-Step) Fish, Cook, Craft, Fm, Wc, Mining, Smithing, Runecraft

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F2p Runescape Guide (Skills)


Level 1-15


-Use to Catch-Small Net 

-Location- Dranor, near the willow trees.

Level 15-20

-Shrimps and Anchovie

-Use to Catch-Small Net


Level 20-30


-Use to Catch- Flying Fishing Rod and Feathers(1 Feather for 1 fish)

-Location- Barbarian Village

Level 30-99

-Trouts and Salmons

-Use to Catch- Flyng Fishing Rod and Feathers

-Locaton- Barbarian Village

-Fastest way in F2p to get 99 Fishing.

Money making to 99 fishing.

Level 40-99


-Need to Catch-Lobster Cage

-Location- Karajama

*I don’t recommend Swordfish because there slow, because you catch tuna too.


 You can make the fire, or use the range in Al Karid, next to the Furnace.

Level 1-15


Level 15-20


-Same Exp as Shrimps but you earn money, raw is cheaper than cook.

Level 20-30 or 20-99


-Cheapest way to get 99 Cooking

Level 30-60 or 30-99


-Cheap but not cheap as Trouts. (Faster than trouts)

Level 63-99


-Not that expensive and fast

-Level 63 because you stop burning at that level.


 Level 1-5


-Clay and water, or Soft clay

Level 5-20 or 5-99

-Gold Rings

-Ring Mould and Gold Bar

-Furnace (Al Karid)

-Very Very slow 99, but if u get 99 with this you will be rich.

Level 20-99

-Sapphire Amulet or Sapphire Rings

-Gold Bar, Sapphire(Cut), and RIng Mould and Furnace. Sapphire Amulet Gold Bar and Sapphire(Cut)



  1. Dranor, near the bank.
  2. Grand Exchange
  3. Varrock Banks, West and East.
  4. Duel Arena

Level 1-15

-Regular Logs, you can cut them if you want, don’t need much.

Level 15-30

-Oak Logs

Level 30-45 or 30-99

-Willow Logs

-Most popular way in F2p, Cheapest to get 99

Level 45-99

-Maple logs

-Fast but expensiver than Willow

*DON’T GET 99 WITH YEWS! Waste of money and way to expensive. 


-Use the best Axe you can use.

Level 1-15

-Regular Trees, Logs.

-Location Dranor, or Grand Exchange

Level 15-30

-Oak Trees, Oak Logs.

-Location Dranor, near the bank, keep going and you will see more.

Level 30-99

-Willow Trees, Willow Logs.

-Fastest way for nonmems to get 99. Location Dranor, and south of the cabbage patch.

*If you want money cut Yew 95-99 (Take some time)


Level 1-15

-Tin and Copper Ores

-Location- South of Lumbridge Castle

Level 15-30 or 15-99

-Iron ores is the fastest way in F2p to get 99.

-Location- Faldor Mining, Varrock East and West mining (Located outside of Varrock)

-Power Level is fastest, drop the ores.

Level 30-40 (Coal is pretty slow at this level so this is OPTIONAL)

-Iron Ore and Coal


Level 40-55 (Starting from here its about money)

-Iron Ore, Coal and Gold (Coal at this level is okay)

*Gold is OPTIONAL, only for money.

-Location- Faldor

Level 55-70

-Iron Ore, Coal, Gold, and Mithril Ore

-Location- Faldor

 Level 70-99

-Iron Ore, Coal, Gold, Mithril Ore, and Adamant Ore.

I don’t recommend Runite Ores because it’s very slow.


*Best furnace in F2p is the one in Al Karid. It cost 10 Gp to enter from the gates.

Level 1-15

-Bronze Bars

*To make: 1 Copper and 1 Tin Ore

Level 15-30

-Iron Bars

*To make: 1 Iron ore, 50% of succes.

Level 30-50

-Steel Bars

*To make: 2 Coal and 1 Iron Ore

Level 50-70

-Mithril Bars

 *To make: 4 Coal and 1 Mithril Ore.

Level 70-85

 -Adamant Bars

*To make: 6 Coal and 1 Adamant Ore.

Level 85-99

 -Runite Bars

*To make: 8 Coals and 1 Runite Ore

Making Armour is fast but can be VERY EXPENSIVE, if you want to make you should mine your own ores and smelt you own bars.


 *Use Tiaras

 Level 1-26

 -Air Runes

-Atler- West of Varrock and East of Barbairan Village

Level 26-99 (Fastest Way)

-Earth Runes

-Atler- North West of Varrock (Outside)

-USE EARTH RUNECRAFTING GLOVES(Obtained by playing Fist of Guthix)

-Runecrafting in F2p is simple but takes time.


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