Becoming a freelance writer for Textbroker

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I can’t exactly remember how I found out about Textbroker, I believe it was just one of those nights when I was just bored and was browsing the Internet reading anything interesting that I could find. I had already been writing here for Bukisa and read about Textbroker and thought I would see what this freelance writer website was all about. To be honest, I didn’t think much of it at first and thought that it may be just like all of the other freelance writer websites out there but after reading more about how Textbroker works, i thought I’d fool around with it and give it a try.

I registered and during the registration process they wanted a sample writing from me. I was about to click off and forget about it because I am not so good under pressure. That’s right, i am not very confident about my writing skills and did not want to write this short article sample only to be denied and rejected. I was brave though and wrote the short article sample that Textbroker wanted me to write. Textbroker actually gave me the subject to write and I don’t even remember what it was anymore as it has been almost a years time. Guess what? They accepted me!

Boy am I glad today that I did not click off of Textbroker. One of the great things that I love about Textbroker is that as your writing skills improve, higher paying assignments become more available to you. They have a grading system there that rates writers on a scale from 2-5. The higher your grade is, the more opportunities that are available for you to write. For those who lack confidence in their writing, there is no problem if you are rated a 2 on their scale. Textbroker has many assignments available to level 2 writers. Textbroker is not looking for only professional writers!

Work is always available for Textbroker writers and you can make as much money as you put your effort to. I always try and make about $150 every week which to some people may not sound like much but I only write for Textbroker on a part time basis. If I was able to write for Textbroker full time I’m sure I could easily double that amount or maybe even triple that amount.

For freelance writers out there who are looking for a solid company to write for Textbroker is the perfect fit for them. Amateur writers will love the ease of the website and will get a feel as to what freelance writing is all about and for experienced or professional writers the pay at the higher levels is really great.

More on textbroker can be found at or you can simply go directly to the Textbroker website at


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