Negative Sixty

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There must be a reason that I live in Minnesota, sometimes I ask myself this question when I go out to my car on a Monday morning relieved to know it is negative thirty outside. There is just something about experiencing extreme weather that makes you appreciate spring in Minnesota. January is usually the worst for temperatures. The coldest I have ever seen it is sixty below zero. At this temperature, you do not go outside or risk getting frostbite in about a minute. When the temperature hit sixty below in ninety-six the governor at that time shut down the state. If you were caught on the highway, it was a steep fine. The other reason to not go outside is your tires stick to the pavement. I fully believe Minnesotans are the strongest people in the world, Due to the fact that we experience extreme weather year around. One of the weirdest things that takes place is when it does warm up. Fourty degrees feels hot so everyone wears shorts and t-shirts. I have to say I love the snow, But I hate when I cannot go outside. Usually by may you can really enjoy being outside again. Living in Minnesota takes common sense and character to survive the bone chilling cold, The only other thing I could mention is a winter survival kit  can save your life along with letting a loved one know when and where you are going and at what time you arrived.


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