How to Celebrate A Grand Child’s Birthday

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If you are willing to spend a fortune on them, they won’t stop you but it’s your fault. Try just spending some time with them. For us stay at home grandmothers or grandmothers that have part time jobs it is a little easier. But no matter how much time you have to give, give it. Celebrate your grand child’s birthday with love.

Things Needed:

  • Time
  • Cake with candles
  • Gift
  • Movies
  • Favorite food

Step 1. It would be great if you could get your grand child the day before and let them spend the night. What kid wouldn’t like to spend that extra time with grandma and grandpa without having to share you with siblings? If your grand child is school age you might have to do it on the nearest weekend or be prepared to take them to school. Just be flexible enough to spend time with the child.

Step 2. Let them wake up on their birthday when ever they want to get up and have the whole day their way. Well within reason, you are still the adult in the situation.
Don’t forget to give hugs and kisses, sing Happy Birthday and tell them you love them frequently thoughout the day.

Step 3. Bake a birthday cake and let the grand child lick off the beaters and scrape out the bowl. If they are old enough to have a preference, make the one they choose.

Step 4. Give them breakfast of choice and snack while watching their favorite shows or movies.

Step 5.Make a lunch they will like and set and eat with them. Again, they want your attention. Watch more programs of their choice or play games.

Step 6  Put candles on their cake and sing Happy Birthday, give them their gift and watch them smile.

Step 7. Send them home with cake and suckers. Take  pictures of the whole day and make a movie with movie maker and email it to mom and dad so they can see what  a good time you had.
You can have a good time and spend very little money :~)


  • I had my grandson for over 24 hours and shared 4 meals and snacks.
  • It’s their day make it special.
  • Knowing your child’s birthday is coming up, get all your work done ahead of time as you won’t do much on their birthday.
  • Every child is different so personalize the day.

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