List of the Most Underrated NFL Football Players Today

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  With so many players on the field at once in the NFL, it can be easy for some of the best players in the NFL to go virtually unnoticed.

Most people watch the quarterback or the running back on each play, and subsequently, terrific players have a tendency to slip through the cracks and become underrated.

With that in mind, here are ten NFL players who don’t seem to get the attention they deserve for their outstanding play on Sundays:

10. Robert Mathis-

The Colts defense has several guys who could be considered among the top ten most underrated players in the NFL, but Mathis lands at number ten for now. His defensive end mate Dwight Freeney gets all the attention but Mathis is an adept pass rusher as well who holds up against the run and makes big plays.

But his name is almost never mentioned on pre-game shows and lists of top defensive players and that’s what makes him underrated.

9. Brodney Pool-

The Cleveland Browns safety and former early second round pick out of Oklahoma is an impressive blend of speed, athleticism, and smarts. He would get a lot more attention on a different team, that’s for sure.

8. Ryan Grant-

The Packers running back seems to go over 1,000 yards with ease and no one notices. He is a tough runner with good speed who doesn’t seem to get attention because people think he’s a product of Green Bay’s system, but he’s one of the better running backs and most underrated players in the NFL today.

7. Nate Burleson-

Burleson has two traits that underrated players in the NFL often have: he’s not necessarily a super-fast big play guy and he plays for a team in Seattle that isn’t well known among NFL teams.

But he is one of the best red zone and possession wide receivers in the NFL when healthy and certainly an underrated player.

6. Jonathan Babineaux-

The DT from the Atlanta Falcons and former Iowa Hawkeye is a powerful guy with a strong motor who can also get after the passer a little bit. He’s not the imposing specimen some DT’s are and he doesn’t make as many highlight reel plays but

 he is one of the better DT’s in the NFL with little fanfare.

5. Jon Beason-

The Carolina linebacker has good speed and smarts and is a steady run stopper and pass defender for the Panthers, but few menton his name among the best linebackers. Maybe it’s the market he plays in or his not-so-memorable name but Beason is underrated to be sure.

4. Trent Cole-

Much like Mathis, Cole gets little mention in the media despite being a very good all-around defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles blitz a lot to get their sacks but Cole can do it himself from the DE spot as well.

3. Karlos Dansby-

When Dansby came out of Auburn it seemed like he had few weaknesses, but he still slid a bit in the draft. The Cardinals have now given him an environment in which to excel and he has become one of the most underrated players in the league because of his speed and penchant for big plays.

2. Kevin Faulk-

The Patriots running back doesn’t do a whole lot of running as he is mostly a receiver. But while he’s fairly well-known, people still some to forget about him. The Patriots don’t, however, as the former LSU star is one of the few guys who’s stuck around through all the turnover of the Belichick years, and for good reason.

1. Gary Brackett-

The Colts MLB has kind of a boring name and plays for a team whose offense overshadows the defense that he plays on in a big way, He also came from Rutgers, and he doesn’t have the most athletic-looking overall build, either.

All of these are possible reasons why Brackett is so underrated. But if the Colts manage to win another Super Bowl and the defense steps up again, perhaps Brackett will finally get his due as one of the best MLB’s in the NFL today and one of its most underrated players as well.


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