How to file your taxes online for FREE!

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Tax time is here again! For some people that means that they can file their federal taxes online for free! You see, the Internal Revenue Service has teamed up with the Free File Alliance LLC to provide free federal tax filing for some individuals.

What is the Free File Alliance? Well, the Free File Alliance consists of tax software companies who normally file taxes for payment or for free. However, teamed up with the IRS, they all offer free federal tax filing for individuals whose adjusted gross income was  $57,000 or less for 2009. If you fit that criteria, you can get your federal taxes done for free this year!

How many companies can I choose from and are they safe?
There are currently 20 companies offering this service. Since these companies are IRS approved, they are safe and secure. The IRS confirms acceptance with 48 hours when you use these approved online tax companies. The IRS website states that these companies do all of the math for you and check for accuracy,

What do I need to do? To file your taxes, have all of your W-2s handy. Choose a tax company from this list.

Tips: Be sure to choose the company you would like to use carefully however, as some of them do charge to file your state taxes, or they may not file taxes for your state at all.

What if my income was over $57,000? In that case you can still file for free, but you must file them online without using tax software. These free fillable forms can be found here. Please note, these are federal tax forms only.


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