Travel Destinations: Daegu, South Korea

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Travel Destinations: Daegu, South Korea

Located in Gyeongsangbuk-do province, the city Daegu is a beautiful city that draws in thousands of tourists each year. With a population of 2.45 million, it has a reputation for traditional medicine. Tourists who come here, come to see roots the size of human thighs, liquids in all colours and medicinal herbs that conjure images of the past. Even in the pouring rain, these wonderful scents fill the air which many modern Koreans still say work beautifully.

The town is easy to get around, thanks to its simple two-line subway system. This is necessary as Daegu covers a larger area than that of Seoul. Many sites and attractions are located within easy reach of the subway or train station and the airport is about a 30 minute drive from the city.

Daegu is heaven for any of those who love shopping. Brand name goods (clothes, bags, shoes etc) can all be found in the department stores but on the streets of Daegu, the numerous speciality markets are a must-see.

It is recommended that you start from the Seomun Market and work your way down. Seomun Market has over 4,000 shops in six sections and is one of the three biggest markets since 1669. It is closed on the second and fourth Sunday of each month. Yasigolmok is at the very heart of the shopping district and shoppers can be found day and night, perfect for those shop-a-holics.

The Daegu National Museum is a must-see place. It holds within its walls an amazing collection of pottery, Buddhist iconography and various other artefacts showing the wonderful local history. To get here from central Daegu, you should take either the 242 or 427 bus.

If you have kids travelling with you, a visit to the Woobang Tower Land is a good stop. The amusement park is located to the west of the city centre in the large Duryu Park.

The Bullo-Dong Tumuli Park, just north of town, is spread across 330,000 sq meters. These grassy hills are tumuli (burial mounds), dated from the second to sixth centuries CE. These tumuli are for both peasants and elite circles – the higher on the hill, the higher your social status. This is a great attraction for those who love history.

Being South Korea’s third largest city, Daegu has hotels and restaurants for everyone’s budget. It is best that you book your hotels in advance though. The airport is located northeast of the city and can be reached by either taxis or the 401 bus.


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