Tips For Beauty of your hands

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To keep them smooth all year round, is important to use creams that will return the necessary vitamins that have been lost in the day. Some of the most recommended are the cream of glycerin and urea. Glycerin soaps are also great. When you wash your hands with this kind of soap, try the water is warm, and dry them well, but so delicate.

To replenish the skin’s natural lipids are used derivatives of jojoba oil and lanolin. In addition to maintaining a film that protects the skin, it is important to use protective as petrolatum and shea butter-fat extracted from the nut of the tree of the same name that is used as a powerful moisturizing nutrients.

To recover the skin’s natural pH, it is recommended to use acidifying, who are on citric acid, lactic acid and include other assets such as allantoin, which functions as healing and vitamin E, a powerful anti-free element, this is anti aging.If you wash clothes or dishes, it’s best to wear gloves to avoid damaging your hands detergent. If you do not like, it is best to use creams or waterproof solar factor for not deteriorated. The solar factor prevent stains, which are produced by the sun, so use it daily. After washing your hands, always hidrátalas. Try once a week to make a gentle exfoliation with sugar and lemon, which also prevent stains. Exercise is good for any body part and this includes the upper extremities. So, practice exercises with two rubber balls or balls Chinese reflexology. This will help your hands look agile and charming.

If you’re one of those people who have skin in this area extremely rough, we give you a little bit natural. This is exfoliate with a little cream or oil (cooking or body) or oatmeal mixed with sugar and yogurt. You can exfoliate twice a week and notice the results.
In winter, occurs rather than the hands are broken, cracked and reddened. To avoid this, it is important to wash it with mild soap and then rub them with a mixture formed by an oily cream and sugar. Gently massage the paste formed and rinse with warm water. That gives more hydration to your hands, and will be recovering.


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