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Depression is a very common disease. Depression is a horrible disease. It can destroy a persons life, both social and pofessionally and can be lethal, because of the suicide risk.

Studies from different cultures and countries shows that depression are is seen egually often, from country to country. Around four to five percent of the entire population is at a a time in their lives, depressed.
Women are affected twice as frequently as men. an explanation for this opservatin could be that women are better to ask for help than men, and therefor many depressed men, will not show up in the statistics.  Many men, may go around, feeling depressed, but never get it treated, because they won’t ask for help.

Some depressed people feel sad or repressed, while others  tend to not feel anything at all. 
Some feel very tired and find it hard to pull themselves together, or do anything.
A depressed person is often plagued by feelings of guilt and self-blame about things where they do not feel they messure up or of things they have done wrong earlier in life’s.

Many people suffer from insomnia
Others feel a painful inner turmoil, restlessness and anxiety, which means that they can not find rest.

Because of these symptoms of depression, One may feel that death would be a liberation, or that he / she does not deserve to live.

When do you have a depression?

World Health Organization has defined the Depression, when one meets more of the following criterias. However, be aware that these criterias would require considerable medical experience to be used properly. Whether it is a depression, depends on the severity of symptoms. We can all feel some of the following symptoms in once in a while. But for them to “count” you must have them every day or almost every day, all day, for at least 14 days.
At least two of these cirterias must be met : 
feeling of depressed
Markedly decreased desire to do anything
Reduced enegy, severe fatigue

And two of the following criteria must be met:
Reduced confidence
severe feelings of guilt and self-blame 
Thoughts of death or suicide
Thinking and concentration difficulties
Severe internal unrest or just the opposite, inhibition
sleep disorders
Significant changes in weight or appetite.

Does one Meet two of the first group of criterias and two from the second group, you have a mild depression.
To have a moderate depression, one must meet at least four of the criteria from group 2 still also two from group one 
When having a severe depression, one meets all three criterias from the first group and five from group 2.
It is however important to stress that ione can not himself, make the diagnosis. Only doctors are educated to do so.

What is normal and abnormal reactions?
It is very important to identify depression, compared to normal mood fluctuations, which we all can experience, for example in times of grief and crisis.
We can all be sad, restless and bored at times. But if it lasts for more than 14 days and one shows signs of several of the above symptoms, it appears that this could be something more comprehensive, where one may need professional help.

What are the reasons for depression?
Modern research suggests that depression caused by an imbalance between different brain centers. This can be caused in many ways.
For example, stress and psychological pressures affect this balance. If the pressure and stress persists for a long time and that the person is very vulnerable to this, (which may be genetically determined), the condition can develop into a depression.
Other conditions that can disrupt the brains functions and develop depression, are certain forms of bodily diseases, certain medications, and the abuse of amphetamines or ecstasy.

If you once had depression, it can very easily happen again, and eventually, depression can occur almost by itself.

How is depression?
Treatment should ideally be adjusted according to the severity of the disease.
Depression constitutes a broad spectrum, from relatively mild forms to severe life-threatening diseases.
For the mild to moderate depression,  certain types of talk therapy can be effective. In severe depression, the doctor often combines talk therapy with medical antidepressant treatment, to quickly get the symptoms under control. The most serious depression is sometimes treated with elektorchok.

There is a high risk that the depression returns. Therefore it is important to prevent the disease by not stopping the treatment too early. It is  said that, treatment should continue for at least a half to a full year, after you are declared healthy.

Depression can, as mentioned before, be developed as a result of a wide range of physical illnesses. So your doctor will often ask about other things than just the symptoms, which I described before.
Sometimes the doctor will complete a physical examination with blood tests.

Depression may be confusingly similar to dementia development. It is very important to distinguish sharply between the two conditions because depression can be treated, but usually, dementia can not.
The older the patient is, the more important and difficult it is, to find out whether it’s dementia or depression.

If the depression is accompanied by anxiety-attacks, the disease is often misinterpreted because that the anxiety (which is a disease in itself) is put in focus, and this could lead to an incorrect treatment of the patient – which could be fatal because of the risk that the depressed becomes even more depressed and could end up hurting himself or others.


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