Developing Your Power to Dream

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A dream is an event transpiring in that world belonging to the mind when the objective senses have withdrawn into rest or oblivion. Then, the spiritual man is living alone in the future or ahead of objective life and consequently lives man’s future first, developing conditions in a way that enables waking man to shape his actions by warnings, so as to make life a perfect existence.

Dreams are symbols used by subjectivity to impress the objective or material mind with a sense of coming good or evil. Subjectivity is the spiritual part of man. The soul is that circle of man lying just outside the gross materiality and partaking largely of it. All thoughts and desires enter first the soul or material mind and then cast themselves on the spirit.

In order for one to develop the power to dream, one should keep the mind clear and free from material or rubbish thoughts.

Always note that the mind and body should be truly relaxed to undergo the receptive mood required for dreams.

Recalling dreams could often be unreliable though one can develop a skill on it. Keeping a journal about a dream could help by writing down necessary facts that happened in the dream. These facts could be the event, colors of a certain object, persons, etc.

A dream interpretation book could also help in the better understanding of what your dream is all about.

Everything is all set. Welcome to the world of dreams…

(Source: “What’s In a Dream” by Gustavus Hindmand Miller)


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