Word count in Microsoft Office 2007

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When you are writing an essay, article or dissertation for work or school you sometimes need to know how many words you have written. Normally you are expected to meet a certain word count limit for your writing. The word count allows you to see how many word you have written so far. You may have written too few words, or too many words.

The word count feature in Microsoft Office word 2007 is still the same as all other versions of word, but the layout of Microsoft Office word 2007 has received a totally redesigned which make it a little difficult for you to find this feature. This article will show you how easy it is to count the number of words in your Office document.

1. Open up Microsoft Office word 2007.

2. At the bottom of the Office 2007 word document you will see the number of words in the document as shown in status bar below. This new feature is very convenient as you do not need to click on the menu bar to open up the word count dialog window like in the previous versions of word. You can simply see the number of words in the document as you type.  Notice if you highlight a selection of text you will the appropriate number of words displayed in the status bar.

3. If you wish see the number of character, lines, paragraphs etc. You can double click on the ‘Words’ icon in the status bar, and the following ‘Word Count’ dialog window will appear.  This Word count dialog window should look very familiar if you have used any previous versions of Word.

4. There is also another method of finding out the word count. On the menu bar click on the Review tab then located the proofing panel, and you should see the Word Count button. If you click on this button you will see the word count window dialog like the one in the above image.


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