How to reduce weight

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How many people near us want to reduce their weight. You will find there are many people not only around you but also in our families too. So dear friends i want to share some tips about how to reduce weight because i have a very experience……….

One such way that i have tried and got a very positive result is by avoiding Sugar of any form… A BIG NO to sweets, Ice creams, Cakes, n mind u.. no sugar in tea, coffee or juice..PPl having Low BP.. please check with ur doc before trying out this tip.

Another way is by avoiding Rice for dinner.

Green Tea is only partly fermented, as a result of which the tea leaves retain their greenish colour. Green Tea is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols (not sure bout the spellin). It contains more antioxidants per cup than equivalent servings of most fruits and vegetables! Some benifits: Reducing cancer risk, enhancing metabolism (which results in weight loss), and maintenance of blood sugar and cholestrol levels.

Two glasses of hot water to drink in the morning and two glasses after u finish working out…it is more effective when u drink hot water after working out.

Get a spoon of huney and run a mile …feel the heat then have something after an hour …… dont sit after your work under the fan ….stay long and burn up the fats

So friends these are the tips from me. I tried every tip here and get a very nice positive and effective response. Try it and after some time feel the difference…………….


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