Help Preserve History by Starting a Memoir Writing Workshop in Your Town Today!

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Writing a Memoir is a rewarding experience. Participating in a Memoir Writing Workshop allows people to network with others and get feedback on their writing. It is easy and fun to organize a workshop in your Community and the rewards last for generations to come!

First, buy or check out a book on Memoir Writing and familiarize yourself with the key elements of Memoir Writing. There are many great books out there that can help you set up your workshop. You can download Leading a Lifetales Workshop: A Guide to Booking and Leading Workshops on Lifewriting by Karen Hamilton at Her e-book comes complete with handouts that you can use in your workshop. She also has a book out called, Lifetales: A Workbook for Writing Your Lifestories, which is very helpful. 

It is important to stay organized when planning your workshop. Organize your notes in a notebook or file folders. Label your folders or notebook sections with Possible Venues, Advertising and Workshop notes.

Decide how long your workshop will run. Six weeks is a good length for a Memoir Writing Workshop.

Determine the maximum number of participants you will allow and how much you will charge each person. Community Centers usually pay you a flat fee. Libraries and Bookstores usually offer the Workshops for free to the community.

Contact your local Community Center, Libraries and local Bookstores about offering a Memoir Writing Workshop. You can also contact Churches and Schools in your area. Explain to them the benefits to the community and to their place of business if they host the Workshop.

To advertise locally, post flyers around town. Send press releases announcing the Writing Workshop to your local papers. Post online to your local paper and such websites as Craigslist.

Stay positive! The class may start out slow at first, but as the news spreads, you will be overflowing with people wanting help recording their memories!


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